Long-time no see.

After almost a year, I am here again, writing to you my dear...
If you read my previous articles you probably know how messed up I was, lost in this world, lost in my own crazy world I would say. Heartbroken. Most of all. Constantly talking about love and boys and how complicated everything is. Time helped me, changed me, made me realise once again, life is short. Life is too damn short and I was wasting it, wandering around trying to find me, something that I can hold on to, seeking happiness. I was acting like life is a fairytale and that I am every step closer to bigger things in life, I wasn't aware of the consequences and I end up hurting myself. My life was an illusion. Today, things changed. Not much but I'm alive, happier, that counts too, right? In the past, I thought I need a person who will love me no matter what, that real love will save me but the only truth is.. I was the only person who could save me and I realised.. I was selfish. There is still a long path ahead of me, I'm still learning how to live.. I didn't give up and that's the reason why I am here, writing this..

Just be happy 'cause you breathe, forgive people who hurt you, let go of anger, admire to little things, work hard - it pays off, get up and show the world how great you are, show them they are fuc... wrong about you and that you can do this.. I believe in you!