There´s many korean artist that make R&B songs; Dean, DPR LIVE, Zico, Crush, Jay Park, G Soul, Suran and Heize are only somes of them.

Here, somes of my favorites songs of this month.

ONE - Heyahe

one, jung jaewon, and jaewon image one, boy, and ulzzang image
Jung Jae Won, know better as ONE

DPR LIVE - Text me
DPR LIVE - Jasmine

hong dabin, dpr, and dpr live image khiphop, dpr, and dpr live image

DEAN - I Love it
DEAN - 21
DEAN - Foreign

dean image dean image
Kwon Hyuk, know better as DEAN; My favorite

G Soul - Bad habit

golden, krnb, and g.soul image
G Soul

Jay Park - Me like yuh

jay park and tattoo image jay park, aomg, and kpop image
Jay Park; So hot, really?

PENOMECO - Coco Bottle

penomeco image penomeco and khh image

Zico - Bermuda Triangle (Ft. Crush, Dean)

zico, block b, and kpop image aesthetic, blue, and boy image dean, deantrbl, and deanfluenza image
Zico, Crush, and DEAN

NCT U - The 7th Sense

jaemin, jisung, and wayv image
Pretty Boys ♥

This is my august K R&B Playlist; тнαηкѕ ƒσя яєα∂ιηg ♥