basic info

full name: Carla Shay Griffis
birthdate: 21st February 1980
birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland
zodiac sign: pisces
nationality: german-scottish

blood status:

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aesthetic, edit, and fandom image Temporarily removed


girl, beauty, and aesthetic image beauty, blue, and brown image
long brown hair, full lips, blue eyes


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fashion, outfit, and clothes image outfit, clothes, and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
chic, feminine


cottage, dream house, and english image atmospheric, britain, and british image
lives with her parents and her three younger siblings in the scottish highlands


amelia zadro image girl image blue, blue eyes, and body image smile image
her bestfriend lisa, and the rest of their clique scarlett and the twins mia and julia. all are slytherins


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bird, owl, and tawny owl image
a tawny owl named rosie

favourite subjects:

harry potter image charms, classes, and gif image classes, gif, and harry potter image gif, harry potter, and ancient runes image

favourite teachers:

always, black, and Dream image aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image
filius flitwick and hagrid

least favourite teachers:

harry potter image Image by just a typical sad teenager
sybill trelawny and dolores umbridge

favourite places:

december, christmas, and snow image beautiful, Dream, and harry potter image
the great hall and the middle courtyard


slytherin, green, and harry potter image Temporarily removed
she was slytherins keeper from her second year to her last year and the captain from her fifth to last year

yule ball:

Image by tenderlygirl dress, model, and Couture image


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hot choclate, waffles, fresh laundry, the sea breeze

love interest:

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she had a crush on hermione for years but then she met lindsay, a hufflepuff who is a year under carla. they were a couple since carlas sixth year.

life after hogwarts:

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she worked for the ministry of magic but with the age of 35 she came back to hogwarts to be the charms teacher. lindsay died in the battle of hogwarts and carla never fell in love again.

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