When I met you, my heart yawned for love. I got hurt from someone who meant a lot to me and your compliments have filled me up. I felt good with you. Better said, with your words. You were feeding my heart with new love, specially a new experience. I miss it. I really miss it. I'm absolutely not sure if the words you have said to me have been meant for real. Because if not.. wow... I'm sorry that I made you lying that much. I have been at the point where I was just hurt too much. I'm so sorry. It would have been so beautiful. I mean... I really liked you, even if I didn't know you at all. I wanted to get to know you, I wanted to make it my new journey. I wanted to explore you... what I want to say... I wanted it to be our journey together, I wanted to get to know you, to have a great time with you. I'm sorry that I messed it up. There was a little glimpse of something great.
I wish I could see you one more time. I want to talk to you one last time. Tell you what I regret, that I regret not getting to know you better. Tell you that I'm sorry. Tell you that I'll miss you. That I'm sorry for telling you this, I'm just stealing your time, because now you're with someone else and may she is nice, may she is honest. May she trusts her feelings and she loves you. I wish you the best and sorry. Sorry for the disturbance.