So as you guys all probably know, in 2016 marina joyce was everywhere on social media, ppl became detectives, everyone was involved and had theories. Then time passed and we all forgot her but as you may have heard, the girl was missing a few days ago, so what is going on?

Back then, we all thought she was held captive and tortured by some pervs who controled her for some reasons. Remember, several of her yt videos contained messages (sometimes subliminal), like she would randomly say help me while talking and just acted really weird. Anyway, after some times, everything was supposed to be fine and marina joyce vanished from our thoughts, and twitter #. But she was missing a few days ago, so ppl are wondering again. I guess most of us are just tired of this whole unending drama, but I am still wondering.

I dont have any new theories maybe she’s really held captive but the police already investigated on her a few years ago, maybe she has a mental disorder like schizophrenia or multiple personalities?? (i dont really want to go on that area bc i dont know what im talking about, like deeply), or maybe she’s just doing it for views, after a time of seeing she had been forgotten she created drama again to make ppl talk about her again

if you have any theories = lets debate on my tumblr : anon-detective