I know there isn't "forever". But I wonder if true love between people can make it real.If all these feelings are so "strong"?If when you look into someone else's eyes you see yourself?Then surely there is "forever". But a true friendship need a "strong base". Today I am going to tell you things you can do with your best friend/s to keep your friendship forever.

  • Keep in touch with them.You have to communicate frequently.Especially if you stay away and you can't be together.Unfortunately,distance separates people but now with technology everything is possible.If you want to get in touch with someone,you can,there are no excuses.Communication will make you feel good .
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  • Talk about everything.It's important to share things with your best friend/s because in this way you show that you trust him/her.That will keep your friendship strong.Generally speaking to a person you love will do you good in your psychology.So don't waste time,talk again,again and again.It will make you feel good.
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  • Spend time with them.Do things together.And dare to do fun things.Generally something that causes laughter.These moments are unforgettable and very beautiful.So try to meet every week and to do "crazy things". And why not?Try something new,it's going to have fun.What are you waiting for?
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Things you can do with your best friend

  • cook
  • dance
  • travel
  • challenges
  • adopt a pet
  • make videos
  • take photos
  • sport
  • hobby
  • create collection
  • face masks

If you do these things I guess that your friendship it will last forever.Love to exist only!!!

Bye.Have a very nice day!