I decided to do the this or that beauty edition tag made by @annaka__

original tag:

· make up section;

1 | foundation or concealer?

nars, makeup, and beauty image beauty, chanel, and cosmetic image
prefer concealer on a daily use and only use foundation when i have really bad acne.

2 | lipstick or lip gloss?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i'm definitely a lipstick person.

3 | nude lips or bold lips?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It brush, indie, and lips image
nude shades whenever I actually use colour.

4 | blush or bronzer?

Temporarily removed cosmetics, goals, and beauty image

5 | pink or peachy blush?

aesthetic image aesthetic, flowers, and pink image
peachy ones are the cutest.

6 | powder highlighter or liquid highlighter?

makeup, beauty, and highlighter image Image removed
i prefer powder highlighters. and they can't be loose in the container.

7 | liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?

makeup, eyeliner, and eyes image alternative, art, and beautiful image
i don't use eyeliner but if I'd have to choose i'd prefer liquid ones.

8 | mascara or false lashes?

chanel, mascara, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and mascara image

9 | warm or cool toned eyeshadows?

makeup, eyes, and beauty image makeup, eyeshadow, and beauty image
i prefer warm toned eyeshadows.

10 | pressed or loose eyeshadows?

makeup, eyeshadow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
i don't experience with different ones but I use pressed eyeshadows.

11 | neutral or extra make up?

girl, model, and makeup image makeup, eye, and eyes image
neutral makeup. I don't use much anymore so..

12 | brushes or sponges?

makeup, beauty, and make up image makeup, beauty, and Brushes image
a sponge for concealer and brushes for the rest.

· nail section;

13 | long or short nails?

nails, red, and style image nails, girl, and style image
somewhere in between.

14 I O.P.I. or china glaze?

nails, girl, and style image nails, nail polish, and opi image

15 | bright or dark nail colour?

aesthetic, hair clips, and nails image Image removed
i like both.

16 | shine or matte nails?

nails, green, and beauty image Image removed
once again, both.

· body section;

17 | perfume or body spray?

beauty, cosmetics, and fashion image Temporarily removed
I prefer perfume.

18 | body lotion or body butter?

cosmetics, beauty, and makeup image beauty, vogue, and aesthetic image
body lotion. actually haven't tried a butter.

19 | liquid shower gel or bar soap?

beauty, fashion, and inspiration image bubbly, cake, and beauty image
liquid shower gel.

· hairl section;

20 | long or short hair?

hair, brunette, and hairstyle image simplykenna image
i've had both and like both. rn my hairs length is at my collarbones and i'm trying to get long hair, but i'll probably cut it shorter again.

21 | blonde or brunette?

hair, girl, and blonde image hair, plants, and style image
i'm naturally blonde but i've died my hair dark brown for two years now. i'm letting the colour fade out so i'm somewhere in between rn. it's pretty much like the picture on the right.

22 | straight or curly hair?

hair image hair, beauty, and hairstyle image
mostly straight but in humid air it curls a little.

23 | bun or ponytail?

beach, hair, and ocean image hair, blue, and grunge image

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