okay so hi guys today i'm going to rate Billie Eilish new album called when we all fall asleep where do we go. ( I'm not English girl so sorry if my English sucks )
let's get started
this is not a song, but i love how album starts like this. Soo i'm not going to rate this one.
2.Bad Guy
When i first listened to this song i thought it wasn't as good as other ones but after listening to it many times, i realized it was good song, not my favourite tho. Its good song to dance to and every time i hear this song i start dancing.
fav lyrics: DUH part is AMAIZING
3. Xanny
Don't get me wrong, this is not my fav either. It's good song but something about it reminds me of Billie's old songs.
fav lyrics: I can't afford to love someone who isn't dying by mistake
4. You should see me in the crown
Okay this song now, EVERYBODY LOVES. I'm the one that loves it but it kinda gets boring after while listening to it (again, don't get me wrong tho, I STAN BILLIE)
fav lyrics: if you think i'm pretty, YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN THE CROWN
5. All the good girls go to hell
I love this song. Its not my fave but i would see myself dancing on this music in any time of the day
6. Wish you were gay
NOW THIS SONG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I excactly fell Billie in this song. FEEL THE SAME. I like this boy but i just wish he was gay so i know that i have no chances. it's like one day he likes me,second day not.its so comfusing because I VE BEEN LIKING HIM FOR 1 YEAR NOW!!
fav lyrics: 11 HEYS, ten fingers tearing out my haie, nine time you never made it there
7. When party's over
this song is soo sooo good. everytime i listen to it i feel it. Dont like music video tho,but its so artistic to be honest.
fav lyrics; But nothing is better sometimes, once we've both said our goodbyes, lets just let it go, let me let you GO
8. 8
Now this song, i dont like that much, it may be my least fav song of billie.
fav lyrics: you said dont treat me badly, but you said it so sadly
9. My strange addiction
This is song i love. again, reminds me of someone i love because HE IS MY STRANGE ADDICTION.
fav lyrics: Dont ask questions you dont wanna know
10. Bury a friend
I LOVE THIS SONG. its one of my fav songs of billie, i love song, lyrics, music video. everything about it is just ARTISTIC.
fav lyrics: What do you want from me, why don't you run from me
11. ilomilo
not my fav. dont like song as much as i love other songs.
fav lyrics: so tell me you'll come home even if it's just a lie
12. Listen before i go
really good song, love lyrics too. AMAIZING JOB BILLIE.
fav lyrics: if you need me,wanna see me, you better hurry, I'm leaving soon
13. I love you
THIS SONG IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE FROM ALL THE BILLIE SONGS. every time i listen to it i just cant stop from crying. Everytime i write my diary, i listen to this song and cant stop crying. even love slowed down version of this song. THIS SONG BREAKS MY HEART,but to be honest it makes me see that someone is in pain like me, im not alone. this song is about how confused billie is and so am i. there is NOTHING that I DONT LIKE FROM THIS SONG. BUT FIRST OF ALL, I LOVE LYRICS.
fav lyrics: whole song tbh but: maybe we should just try to tell ourselves a good lie, didn't mean to make you cry
good one.
1- I love you
2- wish you were gay
3- listen before i go
4- bury a friend
5- when party's over
6- my strange addiction
7- all the good girls go to hell
8- Bad guy
9- Xanny
10- you should see me in the crown
12- ilomilo