For those of you who don't know yet..... I'm so sorry to break the news to you but season 15 of supernatural will be there last season. It was confirmed at comic con this year and in many interviews with the cast. You can tell how hard of a decision this was for the cast as tears welled up in their eyes at comic con as they were asked question about leaving the show and there friends. Jensen Ackles said " He will never be done with Dean Winchester". And Jared Padalecki said the same thing about Sam Winchester. Watching they comic con video for my self even made me cry. But they gave us 15 strong years and undeniably great show that will live on forever. We will always be known as the supernatural family for life. I myself will miss seeing new episodes every year and seeing how Sam and Dean deal with new threats and come back from the dead every single time !! lol But the cast deserve time with there family and to branch out and try different things. this show will always live on forever in my heart. as I know it will in all of yours. They shows creators and writers have always been one step ahead of the game and we never knew what was coming like when Crowley died I mean we all loved to hate him right? and when castiel died I freaking cried so hard but he mad it back to them. and I have always been secretly shipping Cas and Dean whos with me !!!!! And how about that season 14 finale !!!! that right there was the best one yet in my opinion. I really hope to see Mary and John again and also Jack ! the actors who plays jack actually spoiled at comic con that he wasn't dead well I think that's what he meant you will have to watch it for yourself. I will leave a link in the bottom for you guys to check out. Grab a box of tissue, its emotional. Well let me know what you guys think of the show ending, send me a message or heart this to let me know if you like supernatural. I'm always looking for supernatural friends so dm me if you want to talk about supernatural ! Thanks guys ! <3 :) PS: Here's the link >>>>>>>>>>