I'm going to talk about something that I do not know at all.
I am not homosexual, just gay friendly.

I have watched, especially on TV, the web, and articles something that I dislike very much.

Homosexual submission that I come to understand as slavery.

A dominant, straight or homosexual, dominates a passive man whom he names fagot.
A dominant often sadistic repressed dominates another woman, whom she describes as lesbian.

In my own life, homosexual women hedged me and told everyone I was, but not them.
So heterosexual men did not want me.
The gays understood that there was a problem and were pretty cool with me.

So I was in quarantine and in addition I knew very well why.
The dykes hate me again and again.
So cowardly and dominated men obey them.

So heterosexual men say "we do not care about her (me)".

So heterosexual women have won the best. They had nothing to reproach themselves for.
Except who benefits from the crime. They won the heterosexuals.

Who benefits from slavery or lesbian slavery?
To the heterosexual man and woman. Very often two sadists who hide him.
Very often they go into quatriolism. Many before in triolism. But they hesitate, they would be afraid 1 H or 1 F would mean one of the couple would be told homosexual.
So they prefer to be: dominant couple looking for passive couple. Searches on websites.

Horror, misfortune.
They unmasked themselves.

To return to the question of submission, we have the balance of power between superior and inferior, which we can say subordinate.

What sadistic leaders: man and woman?
The sadistic leader, the sadistic sous-chef dominate a troop. We hope not too often the great dumb in this case.

Who uses his men and women free of charge?
Submission. You can lose your job. Sometimes his life.
Women very often say "I'm in shit, he wants me." She is afraid of the sadistic leader. So what does she say if her boss makes her advances? In times when homosexuals claim their rights, would she go for a homophobe?
Would she say that she is doing sexual harassment or harassment?