At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you wear you should just be comfortable when at a festival so you can just really enjoy the event

There is nothing worse than having to adjust your outfit constantly or being so uncomfortable to the point of unenjoyment. Instagram photos aren't everything!

The real reason your there is to be with friends and enjoy the amazing artists and bands performing!



A festival is the perfect time to bring out your creative and experiment with colour, glitter and all those super fun things!

Tip: You should always coordinate your makeup to your outfit so you look really put together and stylish

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Mesh tops are great for festivals! You can wear a super cute bra or bralette underneath making it super light and airy piece to wear

Tip: Mesh tops will look great with denim!

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A festival is the perfect excuse to go all out and bring out the glittery, bedazzled pieces! If you want to stand out at a festival than this is the way to go. And the glitter strip skirt like wow!

Tip: Go for one stand alone piece e.g. glittery top and then go for a similar bottom e.g. linen skirt or denim shorts

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Animal print is loud and proud and great if you want to stand out! Especially different animal prints that you don't see too much in mainstream fashion like cow print. Or even animal print on some unique pieces like the fluffy hat.

Tip: If you style with animal print you have have to pair in with plain solid colours. Pattern and pattern can get messy.

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Matching two piece sets are perfect thing when your unsure on what to wear and just want something easy. You look cute, stylish and put together without even trying!

Tip: I'd go with a pattern two piece set just to look that little bit extra

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The bohemian look is a go to for a festival in my opinion. Flowy skirts and pretty patterns just seem to go with the whole free spirited vibe of music festivals

Tip: Pair the more bohemian pieces with sneakers to edge up the look!

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Crochet is so cute and girly but also has a real sexy look to it with the plunge or backless element. A little crochet top will make you feel like there is nothing on you so super easy and great for those hot summer days

Tip: Matching crochet sets are super in and super cute! But also crochet and denim go super well!

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Sunglasses can really just bring your whole outfit together. Also quite helpful at festivals during the summer because ya know protection from the sun.

Tiny sunglasses are so in fashion perfect for festivals as they don't take any from your outfit!

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