Name: Thallasa
Age: 24
Zodiac: Cancer
Home: The Mediterranean Sea, specifically, the Aegean Sea

So, first of all, I was curious as to where the Mermaid myth originated from, and according to wikipedia, "The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover." Ancient Assyria is near the Mediterranean Sea, but I like the Greek siren myth more, thus, the Aegean Sea.


art, colours, and cool image hair, colours, and cool image Image removed girl, summer, and beach image eyes, makeup, and glitter image eyes, blue, and blue eyes image
Hair that changes with the sunset, tan skin, blue as the Aegean Sea eyes

Top and Tail

bra, mermaid, and shells image mermaid image mermaid image mermaid, fantasy, and ocean image


crown, mermaid, and shell image crown, aesthetic, and eyes image
A mix between these two. Because cancer's are ruled by the moon, I like the crescent moon being part of my crown.


charms, gif, and magic image charms, fire, and gif image art, photo, and photo manipulation image books and harry potter image
Water manipulation and enchantment

Land Style

blonde, hair, and light image bag, fashion, and outfit image bag, beauty, and blonde hair image fashion and skirt image style, coffee, and dress image leather jacket, jacket, and leather image
platinum blonde hair on land, polka dots of some sort, and a good ol' leather jacket


makeup, eyes, and beauty image beauty, brown, and chic image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image mac, lipstick, and makeup image
the top two are when I'm a mermaid, the bottom two are on land

Favorite past times

Temporarily removed wallpaper, moon, and sunset image gif, music, and notes image Image removed
watching the sun set and the moon rise, and listening to and creating music


Image by Brandy Truitt sea, seahorse, and ocean image
Charilia (Charli), Hippocampus and Elisso, Seahorse


celebrities, lm, and perrie edwards image girl, summer, and beach image
Daisy, human
jenna coleman and pretty image Temporarily removed
Celene, mermaid
Behati Prinsloo image mermaid, blue, and fantasy image
Valeria, mermaid

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