Hey guys! This is my first article on WHI and thought since I will be starting my freshman year of college this September, it would be perfect to create a morning routine.

***disclaimer: In no way am I a "morning person", but would love to work on that in the upcoming school year.

I hope you enjoy :)


Once I wake up, I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face. After freshening up, I take my vitamins and start drinking my daily intake of water.

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At this point, I begin to meditate for 10-15 minutes to start my day off on a good note. Once I finish meditating, I will clean my room and make up my bed.

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I have late classes so I have time to look over my work, check my phone for any notifications, and prep for my transmute to my college.

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I usually work out at home or the gym at my school; regardless, after working out I shower and change into my school outfit and prep for classes.

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Depending on my schedule, I leave to either catch my bus or grab something and then make my way to class if I am at school already.

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Thanks for reading my "Back to School: Morning Routine". Hopefully, you will find some inspiration/motivation from it.