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Hello guys... Soo...It has been a while now...and...I've decided to another...Well...Let's just say challenge...

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This time...Im going to try to find different kind of pictures (surprise, duh), that are typical for me and my personality as it is... But... Here's the twist...I have to find each group of pics into "categories" separated by color... (all colors of the rainbow)

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Ok soo... Without further do, let's get into it:

< R. E. D. >

aesthetic and red image color, dark, and dark red image music and neon image love me, neon, and light image red, quotes, and soul image heart, neon, and pink image lips, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, red, and babygirl image
Roses//heart//sadness//music //unloved//tired//lips//babygirl

< O. R. A. N. G. E. >

Image removed orange, quotes, and aesthetic image sky, aesthetic, and peach image orange, aesthetic, and lightning image sunset, orange, and beach image autumn, fall, and foliage image sweater, orange, and yellow image flowers, sunflower, and aesthetic image
Mandarines//storms//sunset //clothing//sunflowers

< Y. E. L. L. O. W. >

aesthetic, flower, and style image yellow, August, and planner image Inspiring Image on We Heart It yellow, car, and aesthetic image alternative, aesthetic, and car image quotes, yellow, and kind image
Flowers//summer//cute//backpacks //bugs(car lol)//kindness

< G. R. E. E. N. >

aesthetic, baby, and green image Image by || GHADIR || Image by Clodia Lesnick Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed cloud, cold, and drive image afraid, red, and quotes image
Forrests//emerald//greenhoodies//fog //naturalbraids//freedom//fear

< B. L. U. E. >

Temporarily removed coconut, summer, and fruit image blue, crystal, and nails image flowers, blue, and wallpaper image ocean, summer, and tropical image blue, photograph, and sky image
Lonely//coconuts//crystals//sea//aqua//sky// btw blue is my fav color <3

< I. N. D. I. G. O. >

stars image blue, purple, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and makeup image ocean image ocean, quotes, and song image Temporarily removed blue, feather, and wings image blue, cobalt, and indigo image
Stars//drawing//feathers //eyes//berries//water

< V. I. O. L. E. T. >

aesthetic, han, and purple image pink, iphone, and white image Temporarily removed purple, neon, and head image purple, nails, and coca cola image cry, sad, and room image aesthetic, purple, and theme image aesthetic, beautiful, and bouquet image
Introvert//lavender//mind//young//teen //alone//crying//

Ok guys... Soo...That would be it... Hope u like it... Until next time...

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