I am an over-thinker and I tend to get lost in my thoughts so many times, especially when I start something new. I know that everybody has been in these shoes cause our life is full of new beginnings but why we tend to give so many negative feelings and thoughts in ourselves when we start something new?

After many new beginnings I've tried to make, I leaded to a point: that we feed ourselves with all these negative stuff cause we focus on our bad experiences, on the people that left us, on the anxious feelings we get every time our worth is doubt. I will tell you this: to doubt yourself is the easiest thing in the world but what If we doubt all our endings, all the stressed or melancholic thoughts we have?

As A. Einstein said: ''You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it''. So just doubt these unhealthy thoughts and focus in all the good energy that you have inside you and put it in your goals, in your every day life. It may be uncomfortable in the start but in order to change you have to feel uncomfortable.