- make sure you go through all sections (including men and kids) you may find a cool piece.

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- make a list of things you want to get. you can also make a lookbook of styles you want and get inspiration from that.

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- take opportunity of sales. thrift stores will always put signs or ads on when they have sales.

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- make sure the item is in good to great condition. you can always fix a tear or get rid of a stain, but if it's unfixable, then don't purchase it.

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- be patient. make sure you go through each section and give yourself time to visit two or three stores. it's okay if you leave empty-handed. it takes time to find good items.

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- before buying an item, keep in mind "is this something that i will actually use?. also don't buy a lot of clothes simply because it's cheap.

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- wait for new things to come in. if you didn't find anything you liked, then you can always come back a week later.

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