- they don't support you.

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- they are not happy with your success.

- they criticize you.

- they talk behind your back or spread rumors around.

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- they are only there when they need something from you.

- they don't respect your views and opinions.

- they make fun of your insecurities.

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how a toxic friendship affected me?
- i have trust issues and won't open up to someone if i don't know them for a specific amount of time.
- it helped me become stronger as a person, but i am less sociable.
- i don't believe in people's compliments, even if they are being honest.
- i don't talk about my insecurities or feelings as i used to.
- i'm more careful at choosing new friends. and i am proud to say that the ones i have are the greatest.
- i will always be kind, no matter how shy i can be.
- i learn to appreciate the friends i have now.

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