This is one of my characters in my story Prince of Hell I have a collection of him already but I wanted to make a more organized folder of him for me and others to understand him more

37 years old

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed aesthetic, boy, and skin image Image by _oliviannah black, animal, and theme image
Hair color/ Fur: Black
green, eyes, and eye image
Eye Color: Green
tyler and hoechlin image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed friends image Temporarily removed
boy, chest, and Hot image tyler, teen wolf, and beautiful guys image Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰 celebrities, gif, and handsome image
Body Build Type: Buff Athletic
autumn, fall, and house image Image by Jurnaldedesign kitchen image bedroom, bed, and mr image
Temporarily removed words and love image black & white, boy, and couple image Temporarily removed
Married/Relationship: Adina
girl image Temporarily removed protective image moon, sun, and teen wolf image
Father: Daughter Amara