Hi it's me again, i was bored so i decided to write an article about some tv shows i really love so let's go!!

โœง American Horror Story

american horror story and ahs coven image american horror story and ahs hotel image
this show is actually fucking amazing i literally can't describe how much i love this show and if you never watched ahs,watch it! i(the best season are asylum,coven,cult and hotel for me).

โœง Baby

aesthetic, baby, and movie image aesthetic and baby netflix image
i'm not a fan of that "type" of tv show in general but this one is actually pretty good and ludo is the prettiest wow.

โœง Marvel's Agent Carter

Inspiring Image on We Heart It james d'arcy, edwin jarvis, and ac 1x01 image
even if i'm a marvel stan,in general i don't really like tv shows about super heroes bc i think the special effects are kinda cringe in those tv shows?? But i really enjoyed this one there's not a lot of special effects and the aesthetic is pretty and if you want to know more about peggy carter (not only as a love interest) i recommand you to watch it !!

โœง Euphoria

euphoria, zendaya, and rue bennett image Temporarily removed
everything about this show is just...wow, the outfits, the acting and THE MAKEUP holy shit!!

โœง Pose

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the words are not enough to describe how much this show is amazing. This can be happy or really moving just watch it and you will see.

ok this article is a little bit boring but i hope you enjoyed it, bye bye !!