Hey everyone, I know I'm kinda late to this trend but I want to try it out so let's go!

Name: Naomi Holt ( totally random name sorry if it's yours 😂)

Age: 23

Residence: Los Angeles/ London


hair, hairstyle, and long hair image eyes and eye image tattoo, rose, and flowers image girl, makeup, and beauty image
She has light brown hair, hazel eyes, some tattoos and glasses


friends, grunge, and party image aesthetic, awkward, and clumsy image quotes, pink, and kind image quotes, motivation, and grateful image
fun; kind; clumsy; anxious, she has come a long way to get through her issues so she is very grateful to be where she is now

Known for:

  • Actress career
cody, zack, and disney image Image removed
She started her career on Disney Channel when she was 9, where she played the younger sister of Zack and Cody
the society image the society, helena, and LUke image
The Society- she plays as Luke's problematic younger sister
Avengers, icon, and icons image Avengers, film, and spiderman image
Spider-man- she plays MJ in Spider-man's both movies, which is a dream for her since she is a huge Marvel fan
teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image Image removed
Teen Wolf- she only appeared on the second half of season 3 as Stiles's cousin who just came to visit but got caught in all of that situation
  • Youtuber Career
Image by daria
she started her youtube channel in 2014, where she basically does everything, talks about make up and fashion, does tags and challenges, vlogs and other things, atm she has over 10M subscribers


  • Everyday style
fashion, outfit, and style image outfit, fashion, and style image black, clothes, and fashion image fashion, style, and blue image
  • Red carpet/ premieres
dress and black prom dress image dress, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed burgundy prom dresses image
  • Meetings
fashion and clothes image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion and style image


shawn mendes image Image removed zendaya and aesthetic image selena gomez image boys, twins, and zack and cody image Temporarily removed teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and stiles stilinski image kiernan shipka, ross lynch, and nabrina image aesthetic, beauty, and best friends image the gabbie show and gabbie hanna image

Best Friends

Image removed Image by - shane dawson image


tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image Avengers, spiderman, and tom holland image
They fell in love during the filming of Homecoming

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed. Byeeee