Hello everyone!
Recently I realized that i, uh, don't have too many friends. I tend to be really insecure and prefer to just keep my mouth shut but I'm tired of living like that. So I'm switching it up and making up this challenge to try and get myself to go out of my comfort zone, socialize, and make memories. Some of these were found on the internet through endless searching, other popped into my head. Hope you join along with me! :-D


— Tell 5 strangers in line, on a bus, or anywhere else that you like their shoes/shirt.

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Find someone whose shoes you, yk, actually like and say that. The conversation doesn't have to go anywhere from there. Just a simple "Hey, I really like your shoes! Where did you get them?" should do the trick.

— Ask 3 random strangers for directions.

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Don't make it too complicated. Just directions. 3 strangers. The whole point of this is to get you comfortable approaching new people and asking for help.


— Approach & talk to at least 4 new people a week for (at least) a month. Aim to hold each conversation for at least 2 minutes.

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I remember watching a video of someone attempting to hold a conversation with 20 strangers in one day and while that seemed fun, I think we have to start small. For this particular challenge, I decided for 4 new people a week. Just 4. But here's the catch - all 4 have to be people you haven't talked to before. I want myself and all of you to become expert small talkers, and this seems to be great just for that.

— Compliment at least two people a day. Make it a habit.

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Once you get comfortable complimenting people, make it a habit. . Find someone with amazing style, pretty hair, anything you genuinely like and compliment them on it. I want to compliment at least two people a day, one of them being a stranger and another being a friend of mine. I want to make it a habit to point out things I like about people.

— Offer help to at least one new person every week.

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Pick up the pencils they dropped, offer to explain math, anything that will establish you as a helpful and kind person in peoples' eyes.

—Make a study group.

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This varies by situation, but I love studying with other people and I think making a study group/group chats with people from my classes will help not only academically but help build relationships with said people. In my situation, I'm gonna try to make a study group for math and maybe language arts as those are the two subjects I need motivation and help with.

— Be proud of yourself & express yourself.

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Expressing yourself attracts people. Sharing what you like will help you find friends with common interests. As hard as it is, just be true to who you are and express your feelings, thoughts, and hobbies. If you need help - ask for it, if you are upset over something - share. People like when they don't have to guess your feelings about things. I personally want to post more ootds, post music recommendations and get better at asking for help.


— Say hi to people you know when you see them around. Use their names.

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In the hallways, when randomly out and about, generally whenever you see someone you know (if appropriate and it's not interrupting them) say hi/good morning/good evening to people and acknowledge their existence. I want to start small, with my closer friends, and then just move to everyone I talk to often and even people I recently met.

— Initiate hang outs with at least one person you're already close with and at least one person you've never hung out with before every month.

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— Make it a habit to check up on every single one of your friends at least once a month.

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Make sure the people you befriend know you care.

— Establish traditions with close friends to strengthen your relationships. Create separate traditions with at least 3 different people.

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While going out and making new friends, never forget to keep up and strengthen your existing relationships. Propose weekly/biweekly/monthly movie nights, every-17th-day-of-the-month meet ups, etc.

— Plan an event that brings different friend groups of yours together every half a year.

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Help your friends make friends too! Start groupchats, organize birthday parties of your own & etc to bring your friends together.

That is all for now. I'm trying to be more social and am going to use this list to help me do just that & I rlly hope it helps you guys as well.

- L <3

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