Hello people I AM BACK Y'ALL!

I just remembered how about this time of the year last year I was talking with Dayler at like 4 am about online jobs. We were obsessed with the idea of buying the iPad Pro which costs a shit ton of money and also the pen that it includes which, again, its price is completely ridiculous. A year later and...we didn't work and we don't have iPads. LOL

Also! If you are up to do this challenge with me...here is the list of prompts I wrote after finishing the 30 days writing challenge.

Day 1: Something you believed in as a kid

Let me tell you something, I was a really weird child. I was the kid that talked to her imaginary dragon friend and ate play-dooh but still I had friends like...please don't think I was an antisocial-weird-kid. But yeah, I do admit that I had some pretty weird ideas going on in my head in that time soooo let's get started.

Cars and Control Remotes

Okay so this was a legit thought of mine when I was around 3 or 4 years old. Obviously at said age I didn't know shit about how cars actually worked therefore here was my AMAZING AND LEGIT logical thought. You know the control towers you see at airports? Well, I thought that every single car in the city was controlled by people with legit Xbox controllers in those control towers. And now you will be asking: But Fabi, what about the cables? Bitch the controllers were wireless 'cuz magic did exist. I don't even know if Bluetooth existed back then in 2004. (It did, I just looked it up btw)

theme, aesthetic, and car image Image by Mariajosé Castro

Singing Cars

So back in the day when the Aux Cord wasn't a thing I used to have a lot of CDs and cassettes. I was always jamming in the car with my mom to our favorite songs. Here is the weird shit. I thought that every time a song was playing was because my car actually sang it. And yeah MY CAR WAS SO FREAKING COOL that it could imitate famous singers no matter their sex or genre of music. Like, honestly my car drives were awesome thanks to the weird stuff I thought were real.

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One Country

When I was three years old I had this weird idea that there was just one big piece of land in the world. Just like the Pangea which i didn´t know it existed when I was 3! Therefore I thought that if I drove some hours up north I would stumble with New York and if I went further to the right I would arrive to Paris. You must be wondering, had you never seen a World Globe before? Honestly I can´t recall. But then again I had a weird imagination so I could have ignored the Globe and say it was a bluff.

Image by 加布里埃拉 Image by kindalostgal

The Moon was my Stalker

I don´t think this one is very original whatsoever, probably every single kid has thought about the Moon following them. I remember car rides with my mom at night and I would look out the window and see the Moon right there not loosing me out of sight. I know I told muy mom about this thought plenty of times, but like the awesome mom I have she would just laugh at me and tell me I was just making things up in my head. I AM SORRY OLD LADY BUT THE MOON IS FREAKING FOLLOWING ME this is serious shit.

sky, clouds, and moon image moon, night, and stars image

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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