hey love,

haunted places are the best. i don't care if you call me crazy because i am, but the vibe you get from haunted places isn't quite the same as the vibe you get from a mcdonalds; or any public place

so because my love for haunted places is growing and so is my boredom, i'm gonna take you to all the haunted places you should go to

1) Oregon: Pittock Mansion
pioneers henry and georgianna pittock built their dream home and somehow never left. this mansion functions as a museum, although occurences like a portrait moving and the aroma of roses in the air which are georgianna's favorite flowers have been reported

Image by rue
Pittock Mansion

2) Florida: St. Augustine Lighthouses
lighthouses are eerie in general but what makes it more eerie is that the two sisters and past lighthouse keepers have died there. many staff members see the sisters walking around the place and when they come back in the morning they find strange doors unlocked unknowingly

Image by rue
St. Augustine Lighthouse

3) West Virginia: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
this one's my favorite, asylums are cool, sometimes. this location appeared on ghost hunters and it opened it's doors to the mentally ill in the mid 1800's. it shutdown in 1994 although there are still many apparitions and noises that haunts the place

Image by rue
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

4) Georgia: Kehoe House
Savannah is in general, one of the most haunted cities in America. but what makes it even better is the Kehoe House where a family of twelve lived. oh, and it was also a funeral home. there are also suspicions that two of the children died in the house. oof

Image by rue
Kehoe Family Home

5) California: R.M.S Queen Mary
many that live in california or in long beach are probably familiar with the queen mary. if your not, then here's a sneak inside a pretty haunted ship. the last time it was a functioning working ship that had it's voyage was in coincidentally on halloween in 1967. now that it's docked, it's believed to be full of the deceased crew and spirits such as children and the alleged "lady in white"

Image by rue
Queen Mary

6) Arkansas: Crescent Hotel
in the lovely town of Eurika Springs, owner, Norman Baker disguised as a doctor and turned the hotel into a fake cancer hospital. in present day, several ghosts including the "dr." baker and a patient known as "theodora" have contacted guests. staff noticed an instance of visitors getting faint during tours at the same spot which is directly above the old morgue

Image by rue
Crescent Hotel

7) Louisiana: LaLaurie Mansion
New Orleans is the city where this mansion resides, named for it's master, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie. the locals call this mansion as simply the haunted house. it's haunted because of a fire that broke out in 1834 in which it seven slaves that were chained and starved died. moans from the servents are still heard to this day.

Image by rue
LaLaurie Mansion

8) Hawaii: Iolani Palace
the beautiful city of Honolulu even adopts a haunted destination. a king built this modern fortress in 1882 where he resided with his wife and sister. after his death, his wife took over the throne. now as a museum, security guards claim to witness the queen's ghost roaming through the grounds in the mornings. along with a unexpected piano playing

Image by rue
Iolani Palace

9) Massachusetts: Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
unfortunately this home was the site of two malevolent murders in 1892, Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother. of course, many blame Lizzie who was tired and later acquitted the case. those who have guts can book an overnight room where Abby Borden passed away or ghost hunt

Image by rue
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

10) New York: Amityville Horror House
we all know this one, based on the chilling movie with ryan reynolds. this haunted home marks the spot of where Ronald DeFeo shot and killed his parents and siblings in 1974. the next family that suffered from the horrible hauntings only lasted 28 days before moving out. nowadays the house is off limits to the public but you can still drive up to ocean avenue to see the haunted house for yourself

Image by rue
Amityville Horror House

11) Ohio: The Ohio State Reformatory
as boring as Ohio, the reformatory also known as a prison is rumored to be haunted by former inmates, it's past superintendent and his wife, and the previous farm boss and his family who were killed outside the building

Image by rue
Ohio State Reformatory

12) Texas: The Grove
This grove in Jefferson is supposedly haunted by several spirits including "a lady in white". although no one knows what went on at the grove. many people that live around report seeing scary sightings.

Image by rue
The Grove

13) Pennsylvania: Eastern State Penitentiary
back then, this was a prison known for it's violent punishments as well as famous inmates like Al Capone. this prison is open to the public for tours and halloween attractions and even private paranormal investigators.

Image by rue
Eastern State Penitentiary

14) North Carolina: Grove Park Inn
a lot of these haunted places seem to have a lady in some kind of color. the Grove Park Inn seems to have "The Pink Lady" claimed by the staff. the room 545 is supposedly haunted by a spirit who also plays harmless pranks around the hotel

Image by rue
Grove Park Inn

15) Michigan: The Whitney Restaurant
in the populous city of detroit there lies the Whitney Restaurant. you could possibly have dinner with the original homeowner, David Whitney or his wife Flora. although instead of the haunted spooky feeling you could get from them they seem to be friendly according to the staff

Image by rue
The Whitney Restaurant

16) Connecticut: Bara-Hack Settlement
although it is a really beautiful to visit, this location is nicknamed "The Village Of Ghostly Voices" for it's paranormal activity which has been rumored to be sounds and creepy creatures that lurk. it used to be a toursit attraction to many teens and visitors but it's now closed to the public

Image by rue
Bara-Hack Settlement

17) Colorado: The Stanley Hotel
do we all know the famously filmed horror movie The Shining? the movie was inspired by this hotel after Stephen King who stayed in room 217 and had hellish nightmares that motivated him to create the movie. it's now a tourist attraction for many people and also inhibits a few friendly spirits, a few...not a lot

Image by rue
The Stanley Hotel

18) Arizona: Vulture Gold Mine
going all the way back to 1863 this gold mine was busy with many workers. nowadays only spirits haunt the location. the show, Ghost Adventurers on Travel Channel even caught some scary audio and visuals in 2010. take a guided tour through the mine and it's ghost town

Image by rue
Vulture Gold Mine

19) Kentucky: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
in 1910 this once served as a hospital majoring in tuberculosis care. many patients died unfortunately but the spirits still remain and haunt the place. guests witness scary figures while touring the building

Image by rue
Waverly Hills Sanatorium

20) New Jersey: Emlen Physick Estate
the victorian home turned into a museum and is just one of the many local haunted locations in Cape May. many paranormal investigators and guests see many spirits dating back decades

Image by rue
Emlen Physick Estate

21) Illinois: McPike Mansion
this historic mansion has been in existence since 1869. it was once a family home but now it's a hotbed for many spirits. a few years ago the mansion was bought by a couple who dreamed to turn it into a bed and breakfast. although after many creepy visitors, the property is open for tours

Image by rue
McPike Mansion

22) Iowa: Villisca Axe Murder House
now the name itself sounds mortifying. the home is the site of eight murders back in 1912 and has been known for it's strange sightings and creepy noises

Image by rue
Villisca Axe Murder House

23) Alabama: Atrox Factory
this is the largest haunted attraction in the southeast. one of the most haunted houses in alabama that is full of spirits and tourists known for creating rowdy halloween parties

Image by rue
Atrox Factory

24) Alaska: The Alaskan Hotel
go scare yourself in the states oldest operating hotel. the well known ghost that lurks the halls is the gold miner's wife who lived here while waiting for her husband to come home. when he didn't, she supported herself by working as a prostitute except when he did return he wasn't thrilled with the choice of work she chose and killed her. guests report encounters with the spirit

Image by rue
The Alaskan Hotel

25) Delaware: Fort Delaware
lot's of military activity occured back in the War of 1812. Fort Delaware was used as a confederate prison, and many still haunt the fort with footsteps voices and apparitions

Image by rue
Fort Delaware

26) Idaho: Old Idaho State Penitentiary
this prison held criminals like political assassins and female serial killers. this prison functioned for 100 years full of footsteps, voices, shouting, and overwhelming emotional sensations

Image by rue
Idaho State Penitentiary

27) Indiana: French Lick Springs Hotel
built at the dawn of the 20th century, this hotel also is part of a larger casino resort. many claim hearing voices and footsteps, there are also ghosts that call the front desk from empty rooms

Image by rue
French Lick Springs Hotel

28) Kansas: The Sallie House
it's not only the most haunted house in the state but its also located in it's most haunted town, Atchison. it's reportedly haunted by a little girl named Sallie who played pranks and an older unknown women who was violent towards the male owner.

Image by rue
The Sallie House

29) Minnesota: Forepaugh's Restaurant
this was originally the mansion of Joseph Forepaugh, this late 19th century house is now a working restaurant. the owner and his lover apparently killed themselves there, the woman's spirits bangs on walls and causes glasses to explode

Image by rue
Forepaugh's Restaurant

30) Maine: Wood Island Lighthouse
as if there aren't already enough haunted lighthouses in america, there's plenty more. in 1896, a drifter shot and killed the area's local sheriff. and then he killed himself in the lighthouse. some say his moans and footsteps are often heard as well as shadows with a humanoid figure. doors that are locked are also open for no reason

Image by rue
Wood Island Lighthouse

31) Maryland: Antietam Battlefield
deemed one of the scariest places in the U.S the battle of Antietam is one of the most famous battles of the Civil War. over 20,000 men died there, many visitors see apparitions in uniforms and hearing canons and gunfire

Image by rue

32) Mississippi: Cedar Grove Mansion
apparently a lot of mansions are haunted as well. completed in 1852 this mansion was a hospital during the civil war. different manifestations from the house's original family have been reported like laughter, footsteps, smoke, and tobacco

Image by rue
Cedar Grove Mansion

33) Missouri: Lemp Mansion
dating back to the mid 19th century, this mansion was long the home of the Lemp family, a dynasty of rich beer brewers. although tragedy struck when four of it's members commited suicide, resulting in unfortunate poltergeist activity

Image by rue
Lemp Mansion

34) Montana: The University of Montana
the entire campus seems to be induced in paranormal activity, reports range from the ghost of a girl who commited suicide to a ghost of a dog that cause many to feel emotional sensations

Image by rue
The University of Montana

35) Nebraska: State Capitol
several deaths have struck the capitol over the years, two of them taking place in the stairwell of the central tower after they fell to their deaths. people claim they screaming and crying as well as a light mist from the stairwell

Image by rue
Nebraska State Capitol

36) Nevada: Virginia City
yeah, entire towns can be haunted. in particular note, the St. Mary's Art Center where poltergeist activity occurs. as well as the Silver Terrance Cemetery full of odd sounds and creepy apparitions

Image by rue
Virginia City

37) New Hampshire: Pine Hill Cemetery
this is also known as Blood Cemetery, creepy right? this location dates back to the 18th century and is the victim of numerous paranormal sites that include ghosts sitting on their own tombstones and one tombstone that appears to glow at night

Image by rue
Pine Hill Cemetery

38) New Mexico: Highway 666
the number itself is a bit odd and creepy. it's also named Devil's Highway, a flaming truck attempts to run people off the road and ghosts that show up in the backseats, drive safe ya'll

Image by rue
Highway 666

39) North Dakota: Liberty Memorial Building
this building has gone through countless paranormal encounters, and get ready for this, the ghost that famously haunts this location is called the Stack Monster who opens doors as random and calls out employees names

Image by rue
Libery Memorial Building

40) Oklahoma: Skirvin Hotel
let's go back to 1911, this lovely brick hotel has collected it's fair share of spirits over the years. that includes a female ghost who gets into bed with male guests, maids carts that move down the hall. also babies crying. fun

Image by rue
Skirvin Hotel

41) Rhode Island: The Ladd School
this facility housed mentally handicapped as well as the criminally insane in 1908. it was known for it's awful severe conditions and mistreatment of patients. probably why there are recorded screams and apparitions

Image by rue
The Ladd School

42) South Carolina: Old Charleston Jail
this jail opened up in 1802 and closed in 1939. it was home to many infamous individuals including the country's first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher. she and many others haunt the building. apparitions, voices, and things moving and disappearing are part of the routine

Image by rue
Old Charleston Jail

43) South Dakota: Bullock Hotel
this hotel was opened in 1895 by captain Seth Bullock. although this hotel is beautiful, it is apparently haunted by his spirit. his presence is sensed to most, he can cause plates and glasses to shatter when he's not pleased. many hear voices, and have been tapped

Image by rue
Bullock Hotel

44) Tennessee: Loretta Lynn Plantation House
this house has been garnered a reputation for the paranormal and the whole town knows it. the ghosts of confederate soldiers often lurk at the plantation and throughtout the town of Hurricane Mills

Image by rue
Loretta Lynn Plantation House

45) Utah: Westminster College
unfortunately the campus is unbelievably haunted by several well known spirits. the ghosts are spread out in the building and they are known for appearing at random. they make odd noises and sensations and sometimes touch people as well

Image by rue
Westminster College

46) Vermont: The University of Vermont
this location has more paranormal activity in the campus then in town. poltergeist activity, apparitions and voices and doors slamming is a famous feature of this school

Image by rue
University of Vermont

47) Virginia: Ferry Plantation House
when a building inhibits 11 spirits, it makes you feel a tingling sensation in your spine. this early 19th century house is said to be home to former owners and slaves, people who even drowed nearby and lost souls

Image by rue
Ferry Plantation House

48) Washington: The Palace Hotel
festering with spirits, this hotel shows a wide range of supernatural occurences. several female apparitions have been witnessed, some thought to be former prostitutes. many people say that their belongings have been moved around as well.

Image by rue
The Palace Hotel

49) Wisconsin: Summerwind Mansion
this creepily built mansion was home to Robert Lamont who eventually left the house after having an encounter with an apparition. a few months later, a couple lived there and left as well because they thought the apparition made them almost insane. the mansion was struck by lightning and buried underground

Image by rue
Summerwind Mansion

50) Wyoming: Wyoming Frontier Prison
many violent deaths have occurred here like many other prisons. the deaths have been the cause of widespread haunting. apparitions and voices are heard and seen. and so is a malevolent entity that responds with hostility to many people that try to explore certain areas of the prison

Image by rue
Wyoming Frontier Prison

guys, this article took me two days to write because of research and the fact that we have so many damn states in america. but i hope you like this article and visit these haunted destinations. don't get spooked

bye love