Hey, I'm Monique and in this article I want to list 100 things I want to do before I die in no particular order, so let's get started!

  • 1: Take a picture of myself for every day for one year
  • 2: Visit all seven continents at least once
I actually visited North America and Africa and live in Europe, so 3/7 done
  • 3: Write a small letter/note to myself every day for one year and read them in the next year
  • 4: Have a paint fight
  • 5: Sleep under the stars for one night
  • 6: See the Northern Lights
  • 7: (Try to) Save a life
With this I mean I'd like to register for something called DKMS in Germany where you can register for bone marrow donation
  • 8: Watching the stars with my crush/boyfriend/husband
  • 9: Send a letter to a random adress and see if they write back
  • 10: Kiss under fireworks
I already did this with my boyfriend twice
  • 11: Sit on a roof
  • 12: Go on a road trip
  • 13: Be at a crazy concert/festival
I've never been to a exordinary fancy concert or a festival but I've been to a hand full of concerts and I think every concert is special and unique
  • 14: Study my dream subject
  • 15: Build a network of friends all over the world
  • 16: Having a new years kiss
  • 17: Attach a love lock to a bridge
  • 18: Do a bungee-jump
  • 19: write a message in a bottle and see if someone writes back
  • 20: Go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
  • 21: Ride in a hot air baloon
  • 22: Marry the person I love
  • 23: Try to surf
  • 24: Take a shower under a waterfall
  • 25: Swim with dolphins
  • 26: Try to snorkle
I already tried it and it's so much fun!
  • 27: Let go a floating latern
  • 28: Have a summer love/ vacation love
  • 29: Attend a masquerade ball
  • 30: Donate money for charity
  • 31: Save memories in a photo album
  • 32: Try to skydive
  • 33: Attend a Motorsport Event (An Event of your favorite sports)
I was at a few DTM races and was at the Formula 1 race in Germany this year but I can't get enough of it, the next event is already planned
  • 34: Try to bake something very fancy
  • 35: Drink a hot chocolate
I obviously drunk a hot chocolate before but I just love it so that I included it in this list
  • 36: Create my dream home/turn the home that I own into its best
  • 37: Tell my loved ones how much I love them
It's not hard for me to talk about my Feeling, but I struggle with saying "I love you" to the few persons I really love. I can easily tell a good friend a quick "love you", but I can't tell my best friend how much she means to me
  • 38: Make a wish upon a shooting star
  • 39: Design my own clothes
I actually did things like batik & drawing on shirts and I really liked it, although I'm not the most creative
  • 40: Donate blood
  • 41: Have a pet
  • 42: Jump into a pool fully clothed
  • 43: Help to plan a wedding of one of my friends
  • 44: Have a pillow fight
  • 45: Throwing a huge party
  • 46: Help another person attentively
  • 47: Turn my house/garden into a haunted house
  • 48: Shoot a gun
  • 49: Go on vacation all for myself
  • 50: Watch the sunset & -rise
I did it before and it has such a therapeutic effect on me
  • 51: Gift my parents the vacation of their dreams
  • 52: Jump in a taxi and tell the driver to "follow that car!"
  • 53: Take pole dance classes
  • 54: Decorate my room with selfmade decoration
I loved to make my own room decor when I was like 11-14 or so and I still like to draw on my planting buckets an do stuff like this
  • 55: Attend a fashion show
  • 56: Die my hair crazy
  • 57: Have my nails done by a professional
  • 58: Try to scuba dive
  • 59: Graduate
  • 60: Look out of an airplane window/window of a high building
I love to travel by plane and watch the world from above although I only do it like once in 2 years
  • 61: Meet an idol
I met my favorite Racing driver Max Verstappen who I ADORE but I won't say he's my idol... I honestly don't even have an idol at this time of my life but let's see what time brings
  • 62: Spend a day in an amusement park
As I'm kind of an adrenaline Junkie I love rollercoasters and stuff like that and therefore already spent a couple of days of my life in diverse amusement parks
  • 63: eat Pizza/Pasta in Italy
  • 64: Be part of a Flashmob
  • 65: Have a night without sleep
  • 66: Learn my name (or even more) in sign language
  • 67: Run a Marathon/Triathlon
  • 68: Go Swimming at night
  • 69: Read some classic books like Shakespeare
  • 70: Get my driving license
I got my driving license a few days ago and actually love driving around and be mobile as I live in a more countryside-ish region with only one bus per hour
  • 71: Have a professional photo Shoot
  • 72: Kiss in the rain
I did this with my boyfriend a few weeks ago as we were on a late night walk and it started to rain heavily
  • 73: Dance in the rain
  • 74: get matching outfits
I bought the same top as one of my friends a few time but we never had a whole outfit matching. I think it's also cute when you have a matching outfit with your boyfriend
  • 75: Kiss underwater
  • 76: Go on a fancy date
  • 77: Have a lesson with a personal trainer
  • 78: Kiss under a mistletoe
  • 79: swing into a lake on a tree swing
  • 80: Have a week full of exercising
  • 81: Jump into a heap full of leaves
  • 82: Have a karaoke party
  • 83: Throw a garden party
My family has a pool in the garden so I've thrown a few nice pool partys there
  • 84: See fireflies
  • 85: Burn school work
  • 86: Chalk the driveway
As I live in a very small valley I spent whole days outside drawing with chalk and actually still do it sometimes with my little sisters
  • 87: Go mini-golfing
  • 88: Have a water-baloon fight
I kinda had one with a "friend" but I guess that doesn't count because we threw like 5 baloons and then stopped
  • 89: Go to a carnival
carnival is a pretty big thing in Germany so I attend a couple of carnival processions each year
  • 90: Ice Skating
Did it before, it's pretty stress-relieving imo
  • 91: Water gun fight
Have a few of them every year with my sisters
  • 92: Ride a canoe
I did it in Croatia a few weeks ago and it wasn't my favorite thing to do but I'm so happy I did it because now I know how exhausting it is
  • 93: Run through sprinklers
  • 94: Go to a climbing park
I love to climb but sadly I only do it once every 1-2 years
  • 95: Overcome a fear
  • 96: Go Bowling
It's pretty fun but also kinda exhausting
  • 97: Have a full day of baking
  • 98: Sleep in a tent
I once slept in a tent but I was 8 years or so, so I don't remember a thing
  • 99: Attend a clothing exchange party

+ 1

  • 100: Have a happy and fullfilled life you are happy with

I just want to say that those are just suggestions and nothing you have to do for any reason. Also,


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monique <3
monique <3