Hi! I started uni again a few days ago, so here are my essentials! I hope they work for you as much as they do to me♡

1♥ Color pens

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Choose which color you are going to use for what, it could be titles, random fun facts, subtitles... anything!

2♥ Markers

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I usually use them for titles,, this way I can identify when a certain topic ends.

3♥ Notebooks

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The amount depends on how many subjects you have and how "heavy" they will be. For university I usually share one notebook with 2 subjects and have an extra one for my online subject, since it usually requires more space.

4♥ Taking notes notebook

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This is the notebook you can use to make a mess with your notes, later on write them down again but in the notebooks mentiones before.

5♥ Normal pens

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The basics: blue, black & red. Usually blue helps memorize better, just a fact!

6♥ Pencil

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For any number subject or a draft for an essay!

7♥ Calculator

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For any number subject as well, I usually prefer to have a separate one other than the one that comes with your phone... it helps me use my phone a little less.

8♥ Laptop

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I think we all know why this is essential! Make sure it works well and it doesnt have any virus or anything.

9♥ Phone

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It will help you communicate with your classmates if you ever need help in any subject... or if they need yours of course!

10♥ Highlighters

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Use several ones with different colors, for the same use you give to the color pens.

11♥ Bibliography

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It is so important, especially in university/college, that you have this with you. It could be in PDF's or in paper, I personally prefer them in the second one, this way I can write notes all around it.

12♥ Headphones

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On my way to uni & back I like to listen to music, and also while doing homework! It's a good distraction and it personally keeps me calm.

13♥ Wifi

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This is SO important nowdays! Make sure it works well, since you are probably going to be needing it a lot, and we don't want to go to the coffee shop every.single.day for wifi.

14♥ Comfy clothes

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Depending on your scheduele you are going to spend a lot of time there, so make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. I would never recommend something that feels too tight on you, for example.

15♥ Sweaters

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I wanted to separate this from clothes since I think they are so important! Especially if your classes are always cold, and if they are freezing you won't be able to concentrate correctly.

16♥ Confidence

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Yes, you can & yes, you will. Don't bring yourself down or let others bring you down. Study and do your work, YOUR way.

17♥ Folders

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This is perfect for organization! I actually need one to classify better those loose papers I have once in a while.

18♥ Agenda

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Write down all the activities you have to get done, and the dates of a certain exam.

19♥ Planner

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It has kind of the same use as the agenda, but in this I usually add social plans as well.

20♥ Liquid Paper/Eraser

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I hate liquid paper, but I know it's essential just in case a mistake happens, which they will obviously happen haha.

21♥ Lip balm

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I actually never knew how important it was to keep my lips hydrated until my 2nd year of uni, so I'm giving you this tip in advance, especially if you study in a place with a cold weather.

22♥ Moisturizing face lotion

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Taking care of your skin it's so important, even more if you are facing a lot of stress lately.

23♥ Google Drive

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Create a gmail account if you haven't already, that way you can make use of this awesome platform.

24♥ Vitamin C

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You are going to be near lots of people everyday, keep yourself safe and have some every morning!

25♥ Tea

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Oh how it calms! After a stressful day or after finishing that essay you have been working on since forever, drink some tea and relax.

26♥ Color pencils

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They will make your notes even prettier!

27♥ Post its

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I use them for little notes that don't fit a notebook paper and I don't want to waste another one on it. And I even use them to write down what I have to get done, so I don't forget.

28♥ Water bottle

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Same thing as the lip balm! Water is even more essential, and it wakes you up if you feel like falling asleep in class.

29♥ Backpack

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Well, duh! Get one you love.

30♥ Hand lotion

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I have this kinda obsession with taking care of my skin and keeping it soft, so having one always near me helps me tons!

31♥ Pencil case

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This way you won't be loosing your pens every day.

32♥ Stapler

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I personally don't have one, but I do want to get those little ones for the bag. Helps a lot to organize your stuff in case your wrote notes in different papers.

33♥ Printer

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You will be printing a lot of stuff, so get one + the paper for it!

34♥ Calm

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Take deep breaths. If you freak out, things won't go as planned. You are doing great!

35♥ Wallet

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Always carry some cash, and if you use a card to get inside campus, then keep it there too!

36♥ Tissues on the go

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You are facing a lot of different people everyday, and there's bacterias everywhere... so if any day you want to clean a table, make sure you have your tissues with you.

37♥ Hand sanitizer

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It has the same use as the last one! Plus, for your hands as well.

38♥ Comfortable study place

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Your bed may be comfortable, but we all know it's not the best place to study. So get a comfortable desk and chair.

39♥ Bookmarks

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For all your different readings! You can use post its as well, but these ones are great too, and you can find so many pretty ones.

40♥ Sharpener

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If you end up using color pencils, you'll definetely need this.

41♥ Flash cards

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When preparing an oral presentation, this will help you a lot, instead of taking paper from your notebooks or others.

42♥ Mini portable charger

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Especially if you are going to be a lot of time outside your house. You can also bring your normal charger as well of course, but you actualy never know.

43♥ Pendrive

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All the important info goes here, and always keep it with you, just in case you need to use it when you are outside your house.

44♥ Sharpies

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Permanent markers are great for any type of situation, you can even doodle with them if you end up getting bored lol.

45♥ Books

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The ones for personal pleasure and the ones they send you for university or school. It's a good way to distract yourself, if things get a little too overwhelmed.

46♥ Gum or mints

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These help me control my appetite if I know I won't be able to eat for a while (either I'm in class or doing a really important work).

47♥ Key chain

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If you use a locker, make sure you have one, this way you'll never lose the key/s.

48♥ Makeup pouch

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Keep your essentials here for any quick touch-up. I keep a lipstick, mascara, lip liner and lip balm.

49♥ Bobby pins and hair ties

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While studying it is important to keep your hair away from your face so it doesn't distract you.

50♥ Advil

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It is important that you have this in an emergency kit. Your head will hurt if you are under too much stress, or just for normal reasons, so keep this with you.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Here's an article I wrote a few months ago with study tips if you need it: