hello everyone

- so the reason why I disappeared is because my bloody laptop decided to break meaning I could still use the app on my phone but I wasn't able to upload articles which was annoying asf :(


D A Y 17 - Bullet your entire day

1. I woke up and got myself ready to go to the bank. I brushed my teeth, bathed, washed my hair, straightened it, picked my clothes, washed my face etc.....

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2. My mum and i got to the bank and we were there for an hour or so which was boring lol

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3. After, I met my friends in town, we walked around and bought random items that are useless and a waste of money BUT they were cool at the time. I did get a strawberry and lime ice tea smoothie from starbucks thoooo

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4. Once we got tired of walking around we went to eat at Soju which is a Korean bbq restaurant

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5. We decided to go get some yu gi oh cards before we left to go home

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6. My friends and I chilled at my bf's house for a while then my best friend and I went to my nana's to build a shelf lol

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7. My mum picked us up and took my friend and i home. Now I am home in my bed typing this article lol

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thank you for reading, I will try to post more this week to make up for my absence. love u all