Hey, I'm Monique and in this article I'd like to list things I want to do in the next few weeks because of the Holidays but probably won't do because of a lack of Motivation and because of the fact that I'm kinda a lazy person🙈

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1) Clean and reorganize my desk

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As I said before, I can be lazy sometimes. Over the time of school, my desk gets a stacker for things I think i may need later. An d clothes. Lots of clothes.

2) Write small positivity/motivation notes

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I want to write sticky notes with messages like "you matter", "you are needed", "you are loved", etc. Then I want to place them all over my Village & also the next town because I'm living in a small Village :)

3) Reorganize my wardrobe

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As I'm a messy person (you should know that by now) my wardrobe is a messy place too. To be honest, it's even more messy than my desk... I don't have one of those Fancy hanger closets but all of my clothes are folded. And as time goes by, i don't fold my clothes neatly but just toss them inside. I actually arranged the shelf of my sweaters & hoodies, my shirts, my Sportswear and my jeans in the last two nights and simultaneously sorted the things out that aren't my size or that I just don't wear anymore.

4) Survive the time without my boyfriend

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My idiot of boyfriend decided to go on vacation in Bali for 4 weeks... Actually, his family planned this vacation for nearly a whole year, months before I came in their life. But still. I miss him :( But hey, only 2 1/2 weeks left🙃

5) Work on school projects

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I have a few projects to do until the new year begins as I'm about to do my Abitur which is basically graduating from High School. I have to write a poem for English class and do a presentation project for my chemistry class for example. I also have to decide in which subjects I'll do my final tests: I have to do German and Maths, a language for which I'll take English, then a nature science for which I'll probably take chemistry (or Physics, idk) and a social science, e.g. religion, civics or geography. Another thing I intend to do is to prepare things for some subjects and look at things I didn't understand last year repetetive.

6) Watch the sunrise

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As I can watch the sunrise from my garden very good, I planned to watch it a few times in the holidays. It was kind of a Tradition to watch the sunrise every Wednesday for quite some time as a part of the treatment of my migraines but I went on vacation with my family some weeks ago, so I didn't do it for once and sadly didn't restart the habit once we were back.

7) Develop a morning routine

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I'm about to write an article on my ideal morning routine soon and link it here once it's online :)

I'll press the snooze button as often as possible. That's a fact and it's very unlikely that I'll that (Tried it often already but didn't maintain this practice for a long time) so I'm about to build a time-efficient but still healthy morning routine which I can maintain (hopefully). A few things I want to include are reversed iced coffee, Music and Food that I prepared the day before.

8) Go to bed at a reasonable time

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Holidays = staying up until 3am watching YouTube Videos of a guy learning Giraffe language. I went to bed in the first both weeks of my holidays before 1 am constantly but a very good friend of mine played the world championships Goalball in the context of the Paralympics in Australia the last week so I stayed up very late to watch her games which were around 1 - 4am and therefore woke up at about 11am. Now I want to reschedule my sleep times and it's actually pretty hard (watched 2 relays of Bones in the last 3 nights)…

9) Time with friends & family

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This is probably a pretty obvious one but I still wanted to mention that I want to spend a lot of time with one: my friends, and by that I mean selfcare nights for two with one of my girls, movie nights as a girl group and also partys with all of my friends. I also want to spend time with my grandparents (e.g. spend a day at the local park with them), great-aunts who live in big cities and cousins.

10) Practise driving

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As I got my driving License a few days ago I want to improve my driving skills.


If you want to read more articles from me, feel free to check this collection or my profile out. Also, I'll link my Instagram down there, feel free too visit it :)

monique <3
monique <3