Hey guys,
this is my first article. I never even thought of writing articles on WHI. But I saw all those back to School tags. So i want to do it myself bc it´s 2019 and that means my last year of high School starts in a few days.

So enough of me just writing about random stuff. let´s get started.

1. What year are you going into?
I´m going to into senior year of high School as I already mentioned. Although I live in Germany and we don´t call like that it´s basically the same. Our gradiuation ceremony is just way more boring and not special at all.

2. What is your favorite part about getting ready for back to school?
I love back to school shopping! I get excited bc I can buy know school supplies and clothes. Another thing I love is thinking about the outfit that I`m going to wear on the first day of school. Every year I pick my outfit about a week before schools starts bc I get so excited.

3. What are you excited and nervous for this year?
The most exciting thing is to see all my friend after 6 weeks of summer break. I really miss a lot of them and I will enjoy the time as much as I can bc it´s probably the last chance I get. I`m extremly nervous because all the exams and expecially the final exams are coming closer. What scares me the most is that I need to apply for an education even though I want to go to college. But you never know if you get accepted at a college.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
All my Inspiration comes from Pinterest, Tumblr, WHI and a lot from YouTube.

5. What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup?
I started to wear makeup early becaus my sister is 4 years older tha me and I always used her makeup. I don´t know for sure but I guess I started to wear a Little bit of akeup in 6th grade (means I was around 11 years old which is pretty young I think). Not a full face of course just a hint of makeup.

6. What do you wear to school?
I always wear comfy and sporty clothes and sneakers every day. Most of the time I wear black jeans and some sort of tee.I spend around 8 Hours at School so I want to wear something I feels comfortable in.

7. Have you ever ditched or skipped class?
I do it all the time! Especially my spanish class because it´s so freakin boring and we never do anything important lmao. But I want to stop skipping classes in my last year. fingers crossed

8. What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your bag?
My notebook, always a phone charger and I always always chew gum. Just ask my friend haha

9. What are three beauty essentials you carry in your bag?
My VS body spray, a deodorant and most of the time powder and a brush.

10. Composition book or notebook?
I never ever used a composition book so I stick to my notebooks.

11. Pens or pencils?
Defintetly pens. I also love to write with pencils but I doesn´t look that good so I like to write with pens more.

12. Folders or binders?
I prefer Folders becaus I think binders get really heavy. But as messy as I am I always forget to put my stuff into my Folders. Means I don´t really use both of them.

13. Sticky notes or note cards?
I just love sticky notes! I put them everywhere and I always have to buy new ones because I always run out of them.

14. Planner or unorganized?
I really like to use planners and most of them look super cute. But I Always start to use them when a new schoolyear starts and within the year I completly forget about them. So I guess I go with unorganized.

15. Needs calculator, or already knows the answer?
Both. Sometimes I know the answer and sometime I don´t. I´m not a huge math pro but if it´s an easy excersise I can solve it without a calculator.

16. Study or wing it the day of a test?
I study. Most of the time at least. When I don´t start studying in time I get really stressed and can´t concentrate. But sometimes I´m too lazy to study so I just wing it the day of the test haha

17. Homework done night before or morning of?
Definetly the morning of. I know it´s bad. I always manage to forget my homeworks so I have to do them in the car or bus. And sometime even in the class I have to do them in.

18. Tips on how to survive a boring lesson?
I got a lot because nearly all my classes are extremly boring.
First... try to talk to a friend or whoever you sit next to, but don´t get caught please.
Second.. Start doing your homework if it´s possible so you don´t have to do them when you get home. I always do that.
Third... Draw something or so. That always helps.

So guys that´s enough.

Thank you so much for reading my first article ever.