Well hello there darlings, it's me again. Finally, this is the fifth and final part about some of my favourite TV series.

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9. Trapped (Ófærð) (2015 - )

I don't know if you noticed but I'm a sucker for European cinematography and European TV series in general for many reasons. You can hear different languages, educate yourself on other countries culture and more or less the life in those countries, etc. So naturally I decided to dig deeper and found this amazing Icelandic mystery/thriller/drama TV series. First released in 2015, so far it has 20 episodes in 2 seasons, as I've heard there will be more. I love stories with many layers so this one is an obvious choice.

It is set in a not so big and fairly remote town far in the north of Iceland. The story's narative is taking it's pace and it's not as fast as some other crime dramas I've seen but it's satisfying. It begins strong, with a human torso found and the snow storm coming, and the police team from Reykjavik is struggling to travel to all of the crucial places to solve the crime.

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Main character is a man I instantly liked, he's just a big fluffy teddy bear and he has to be protected at all cost. His name is Andri Ólafsson, and he is the lead detective. You don't get the impression of him being very emotionally burdened or conflicted right away, but as you progress along with the story, you begin to sympathize with him, he really is trying so hard. Andri is not the only one you'll love, there are many characters that are equally complex but analyzing each and every one of them would probably take away all the fun of watching the show. I loved the storytelling technique and the conversations, as well as the way they introduce characters' personal issues gradually.

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I would also like to adress the scenery and landscapes, the colours and the aesthetic of the show is beautifully scary, it makes you feel admiration for nature and fear at the same time. All those magnificent shots and scenes are supposed to make you feel trapped yourself, as well as to realise that the characters are trapped both figuratively and literally. Some scenes are apocalyptic to say the least.
If I could, I would watch it cinema-style cause some natural wonders of Iceland you can't fully experience watching it on a computer or a TV screen. Of course, it would be best if you could visit those places.

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The soundtrack. Jóhann Jóhannsson, a Golden Globe winner wrote the music together with other Icelandic composers and musicians and it is perfection. The music compliments the colours and vice versa. All of those deep and dark blue shades and tones, the chilling whiteness and complete darkness. It's a masterpiece.
The final touch to it is a staggering performance the actors and actresses give. I won't lie and say I knew these people before, I'm certainly not familiar with Icelandic celebrities but these actors/actresses are professionals and their hard work and talent should be recognized, and I'm glad I heard about them so now I know I want to see more of them. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

I recommend it as a 10/10, but I have to say it's a crime/thriller/mistery drama after all, if you feel like you might experience insomnia, anxiety or any other form of discomfort or negative feelings that could harm your mental health, be careful. Graphic content and sexually explicit moments - not very appropriate for children.
I haven't found pictures of the show here so I'll put a link to the trailer so you can check:


10. Ripper Street (2012-2016)

How boring am I, another period/crime/mistery drama. Oh well.
In my defence, Mr Darcy is here and I love, I love, I love him.

Trigger warning

Okay, seriously now. We all know who Jack the Ripper is, I'm not going to write the whole thing here, but it's crucial to the story and this is just for the purpose of introduction.
So, we have a Victorian serial killer, unidentified, number of victims unknown but suspected to be five, and a very specific style. He was also known as the Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron, but Jack the Ripper is the most famous one. His victims were mostly female prostitutes who lived in the Whitechapel district, East End of London. He would cut his victim's throat and remove their internal organs, hence his nickname "the Ripper". His killings took place in 1888, and six months after his last victim was found begins the story of "Ripper Street".

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Macfayden and Flynn in lead roles.

The series has 5 seasons and 37 episodes. Every episode has it's title, like a chapter title and I love that.

Lead characters are Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfayden), a detective inspector and the commander of East London's H division, Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) as a detective seargent, and Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rotheberg), a former US Army surgeon. It's a solid Victorian crime thriller, great stories and amazing performances, I love Victorian period costumes so I have a soft spot for every period drama I've seen so far and I'm not as strict when I review them.

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I love Matthew Macfayden, he is my childhood celebrity crush so naturally I recommend everything that he appears in. But of course, I wouldn't be writing about Ripper Street if it wasn't a great show. His character is based on a real person, there was indeed Edmund Reid (you can read about him on Wikipedia and some other sites) who was a great detective inspector but his life wasn't a fairytale because the fact that he failed to catch Jack the Ripper marked his career and affected all aspects of his life. Jack's five, so called "canonical" victims seem to be linked but the murders were never solved. After Jack's last victim was found, more women were murdered so our lead characters started to believe that the Ripper was doing Devil's bidding again.

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I'm really sad that this series is so criminally underrated, it's actually painful. I love the casting, production did a great job there, all of them have such a thrilling chemistry and they all fit the concept so well, costumes are perfect and the setting is incredible. It’s impossible to sum up the series here, so I'm just trying to write a decent recommendation so you get the main idea. I really love the balance that exists in this particular style of story-telling, it doesn't focus solely on solving crimes. You can se so much detail in every scene, it's so spooky and visually striking because it has that sinister vibe I really like.
What I love the most is that they mentioned technological and scientific advance and discoveries that took place during said period. Victorian period is not the brightest one in the history, and Ripper Street doesn't glorify the darkness and ghastly streets, impoverished districts and degeneracy,
Characters are intelligent, wise, cunning and very human.

I'd like to mention:
Joseph Mawle (who played Benjen Stark in GoT), MyAnna Buring (Downton Abbey), Ian McElhinney (The Tudors), Charlene McKenna, Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter films) and many more...

Again, if you're easily disturbed and triggered by violent and graphic content, be careful, tho it's not as graphic as some other crime series.
I hope you'll like it!

Thank you for reading the article and for being patient, I hope you enjoyed.
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