I have been thinking about doing this article for a few days now but I have done Me VS My Brother and Me VS My Best friends and I was thinking that I shouldn't do this one but I saw this article and felt inspired.
Hope You Like It!




My Boyfriend
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He is very tall (specially compared to me because I am very short), very athletic, he was short brown hair, hazel eyes and tan skin.
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I am very short, my hair is a short brown wavy mess, I have dark brown eyes, an athletic boy and pale skin. I also have a couple of piercings in my ears.


My Boyfriend
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He is romantic, funny, very smart and always has some smart ass come back, he loves science, he is very adventurous and always down for whatever, he loves partying way more then I do and he is also very flirty but a little bit shy.
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Sarcastic, wild spirit, rebellious, kind of a bitch, impulsive, natural leader, charming, passionate, brave, extroverted, and a little bit apathetic.


My Boyfriend
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TV Show

My Boyfriend
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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My Boyfriend
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He has a very simple style, is wears mostly jeans or sweat pants and simple shirts, his style can be a little bit preppy sometimes as well.
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As for my style it is a bit more grungy. I wear a lot of black jeans with crop tops and sweaters, a lot of the times black and white clothing with colorful sneakers. If I do wear color it's usually pink, red or blue.


My Boyfriend
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He is very active and loves sports as much as me, and he runs track. He also loves to video game, go out with friends and party.
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I love to play volleyball and do it on a regular basis, I love to create art and I draw a lot either it is for my classes or not, I love to go out with my friends, and I also wright for a blog I have with my best friends.

Our Aesthetic

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