Hi guys! Sorry for not writing to you in a long time, but things have been weird. But finally! I am counting down the days to September because that is when autumn officially starts.

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I don´t want to start school though. It´s so scary! Year 11, a new school, and a whole bunch of new people. It´s been a weird summer, after all, maybe this autumn things will turn out fine.

I´m born in October, a child of the autumn. I find myself in a more peaceful state when the leaves on the ground are red, orange, and brown. The sound of the leaves crunching when I step on them makes me smile.

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As mentioned, autumn gives me peace. After this year, after all these closed chapters I look for peace. This time I hope I will find it between the orange pumpkins, the crunching colourful leaves, and the hot cocoa.

Right now I can´t wait for October, for my peace. I hope you will find peace this autumn too. I hope you will find yourself in the middle of a fit of laughter with your best friends, or in a small cosy bookshop hidden in the city. This autumn I hope you get what's best for you. I hope you find small bits of magic in your every day. Like a new favourite song, a piece of fashion that fits you perfectly, or a new friend.

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Because I think we all can agree that this summer has been weird. It has not been normal at all. So maybe this wasn´t the summer of your life where you found your long lost love. It was not the summer where you were with your friends to 2 A.M. And that´s okay. So let's go into this autumn together. With hope in our eyes, and faith in our hearts.

Let´s go into this "season of the soul" and make it the autumn of our lives.

XOXO jules

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