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inspired by @kyutiemochi

─ When did you get into kpop?

I got into Kpop fully in 2015 but knew of it since 2013.
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─ Who's your favourite girl group?

I don't really have a favourite girl group but MOMOLAND is one group I do listen to the most out of all the girl groups.

─ Who's your favourite boy group?

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BTS where the group that got me into KPOP but NCT/WayV have since become my fave groups.

─ Favourite kpop song?

It's one of the songs I never get bored of and will always listen to it.

─ Who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

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For me the prettiest female in Kpop is Hwasa from Mamamoo.

─ Who is the prettiest male in kpop to you?

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Kun & Yuta from NCT, to my taste, are some of the prettiest males in Kpop.

─ What's a kpop song you dislike?

Don't know what it is with this song but to me, it doesn't sound right for them and it seems to me like it was rushed when written.

─ What's your favourite concept?

I really enjoy dark concepts with a strong song behind it.

─ What's your favourite music video?

B.A.P Hands Up is my favourite video as it has all the members in and was their last one before splitting so holds some meaning.

─ What's the hardest choreography to you?

Seventeen always seems to have some of the hardest choreography but they do it so well.

─ Favourite underrated group?

These boys deserve so much and need more people to listen to them as they are such a good band with amazing songs.

─ Favourite female soloist?

Aliee has such an amazing voice and probably one of the best vocal ranges within female kpop artist.

─ Favourite male soloist?

Jeong Sewoon has become my favourite male soloist since Produce 101 Season 2. He produces some amazing music that is such an easy listen.

─ What group has easy choreography to you?

For me I think Winner has some of the simplest choreography.

─ What would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

There is a variety of styles within "KPOP" so there is something there for everyone. Give it a go and maybe you will like it. But don't make fun of someone who likes music that isn't the norm or isn't in your mother tongue.