Okay. Im new here. I have no clue what im doing. Please help T^T

Okay okay okay. I like some weird stuff. I mean, if you like it too, Great! I highly encourage you to pursue your passions! Its great! Aight so, I dont know what to do, so imma do this.

Likes and interests:
Musicals including; Be more chill, Heathers, Dear evan hansen, Hamilton, and Phantom Of The Opera
Bands including; Panic! At the disco, Green Day, My chemical romance, Five Finger Death Punch, About every rock band, just ask, lots of things, it would take so long, k im done, not really
I draw. Some say its really good but i say otherwise. I really like anime and manga. I also like killing stalking, just dont tell my mom XD
Okay, on a serious note, i dont have any friends so yeah. Im kinda hopin i make friendsssssss. Okay, i secretly have a really weird obsession with k pop but im not obsessed if that makes sense. I also have an obsession with markiplier and jacksepticeye
Aight... Uh... Byeeeeeeeeeeee