group name: PLUTO ๋ช…์™•์„ฑ
company: INK Entertainment
members: 14 (eyoon, shiro, bom, rosie, loan, uju, blue ivy, yuqi, taehyo, nina, sawa, gyuri, chaeyi, mu)
debut: 10th October of 2016
genre: hip-hop, indie, edm, pop
fandom name: NEPTUNE

> NIX: composed by bom, rosie, blue ivy, taehyo, sawa, chaeyi and mu.

> HYDRA: composed by eyoon, shiro, loan, uju, yuqi, nina and gyuri.

> CRBR (CERBERO): the rap line sub-unit, composed by eyoon, rosie, loan, blue ivy, taehyo, nina and mu.

> STG (ESTIGE): the vocal line sub-unit, composed by shiro, bom, uju, yuqi, sawa, gyuri and chaeyi.

(the names of the sub-units are all from pluto' s satellites and their songs are included to the normal album's from the group)

โ”€ ALBUMSยฐเญญ'

lost, aesthetic, and quotes image Image by kindalostgal alternative, dark, and gloomy image Abusive image
` chaos in heaven ` ๆททไบ‚ โช tracklist โซ โ€” broken dreams โ€” scape plan โ€” take me to neverland โ€” neophobia โ€” drapetomani โ€” shadow โ€” crazy people โ€” are you happy now? โ€” extreme sides โ€” im sorry for you
blue, aesthetic, and ulzzang image aesthetic, lovers, and tumblr image aesthetic, bambi, and beige image Image removed
` human feelings ` ไธ่ƒฝๅฆ่ช โช tracklist โซ โ€” blue โ€” over chains โ€” bird โ€” friday nights & good times โ€” clinomania โ€” can you hear me? โ€” boys do cry โ€” tv lies โ€” panic! โ€” as real people are โ€” worry โ€” reflection
sunflower, flowers, and yellow image school, yellow, and vintage image umbrella, yellow, and rain image Temporarily removed
` the last sunflower ` ๅธŒๆœ›ไนŸๆญปไบ† โช tracklist โซ โ€” the giants โ€” bus stop โ€” shall we fall in love? โ€” bad boys โ€” keep on calling โ€” road โ€” lovely โ€” hero โ€” think again โ€” spring colors โ€” a fxcking cliche โ€” but love is illegal
Temporarily removed pink, lightning, and sky image aesthetic image aesthetic and glow image
elle: god herself ` ไธŠๅธ่‡ชๅทฑ โช tracklist โซ โ€” mrs. space โ€” sinner angel โ€” 20 dollars โ€” the king is dead โ€” complexxx โ€” Seoul jittery โ€” young lady โ€” bloodline โ€” good girl's paradise โ€” at the bathroom
heart image aesthetic, asian, and chinese image red, aesthetic, and wine image aesthetic, vintage, and vintage aesthetic image
philophobia ` ๅฎณๆ€•ๆ„› โช tracklist โซ โ€” consequences of having a heart โ€” sweet nightmares โ€” when the night ends โ€” paris' streets โ€” I could hate you โ€” no, thanks โ€” late night kiss โ€” hell โ€” moonlight โ€” you're lonely โ€” tears after sex