1. Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is a must-have more me since I live in California and it's always hot here. I love being in the sun and enjoying the heat. The sunscreen helps protect my face and skin from getting burnt. My all-time favorite sunscreen is sunbum! Their products smell tropical w/ coconuts and some of there products are reef safe.

2. Facewash

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Recently I have started using clean & clear morning burst and the night relaxing wash face. These face washes have improved my skincare routine and after a long day, the night face wash gets all the dirt that was built up.

3. Lip Balm

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My go-to lip product is my CarMax or sunbum lip balm. I usually use my CarMax more often because I love how it has a tingly feeling when you apply it to your lips and it makes them feel a little bit plumper. The sunbum, however, it has 30 spf which I love using if I am going to be outside like at the beach.

4. Mascara

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I hardly don't wear any makeup because I am pretty comfortable without it but I do like wearing mascara every once in a while to make my eyes stand out more.

5. Face/Hair Oil

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I love using my sunflower flaxseed oil that can be used on your face or your hair. It adds moisture to my face and my hair. I usually get it from sally beauty store and they cost between 5 to 10 dollars.
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