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Today I'm here with another school article. I'm so excited about this one because I'm able to show you my new playlist. It makes me feel like a badass, so it's good to share during school time!
Let's get right into the article.

1. Michael Bublé - Feeling Good

  • I don't know about you, but dang! His voice fits so well with this style of music. Definitely worth to listen!
music, swing, and video image jazz, Lyrics, and music image

2. Charlotte Lawrence - Why Do You Love Me

  • Feeling sad, heartbroken and ready to change your attitude into a badass one? Here it is. Your perfect song.
charlotte lawrence image Abusive image

3. Unlike Pluto - No Scrubs ft. Joanna Jones (cover)

  • Thank me later. This song is a mood right now.
Temporarily removed tlc and no scrubs image

4. Sam Tinnesz - Play With Fire feat. Yacht Money

  • Do you wanna play with fire? Then get those earphones and listen to this masterpiece! I'm telling you. It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Temporarily removed beautiful, burn, and flame image

5. Ellise - 911

  • Tell me why my heart is aching?
girl and smile image tattoo, yellow, and angel image

6. Stefflon Don - 16 Shots

  • Give me those 16 shots now.
Shots and drunk image birthday, fun, and party image

7. Nick Jonas - Levels

  • Okay, this song is kind of sexualized, so if you want to hear it go ahead, but if you know that you don't like these type of songs, I don't recommend it to you.
  • However, I think it's pretty good.
nick jonas, Hot, and singer image levels and nick jonas image

8. NEFEX - Rumors

  • I can't explain to you how much I love this song. When I listen to it, I really feel like I'm invincible. You definitely need to try it out!
Temporarily removed Image removed

9. Tove Lo - Cool Girl

  • Only cool girls listen to it. Let's see if you're a cool girl too.
alternative, beauty, and cool girl image cool, cool girl, and girl image

10. twenty one pilots - Doubt

  • "Don't forget about meeeeee". I remember when my mom was so annoyed by this song. I used to play it all day.
  • I recommend it to you with all my heart.

AN EXTRA SONG FOR KPOP LOVERS - Mamamoo - Egotistic.

  • I listen to kpop too, and I thought that this song would fit so well in this playlist too.
  • If you usually like kpop songs and you want to feel like a badass, try Egotistic by Mamamoo. I looove it.
mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image necklace, silver, and symbol image

Well, that was all for today.
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Also, don't forget to study and fight for your dream. Everything can be possible if you work for it.

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