You said you liked me when I barely knew you. You wrote me a paragraph. You hid a necklace under my desk. You gave me a teddy bear from your trip. You gave me a snowball glass on Christmas. You called me at midnight. You texted me until dawn. You were always there everytime I hung out with my friends and in every school events I joined. You tried to approach me in different ways.

You made various efforts to get closer to me, but I kept running away from you.

I was the only one receiving, but I couldn’t do the same for you.

How horrible I was.

After all you’d done for me, I still couldn’t open my heart to you.

You loved me, but all I did was break your heart.

I didn’t deserve someone like you.

In the end, I let you go. I didn’t have the courage to hold you back.

I did like you, but I was too shy to admit it. When I came to realize it, it was already too late.

You’d already changed. You were no longer the same person I used to know. You became popular and you hit on many girls.

Girls that are way different from me.

Even though you once said that you disliked girls who are pretentious, girls who wear mascara at school and those kind of girls who likes attention and flirts with guys.

But at least, those girls are better than me.

At least, they can give you what I couldn’t.

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