Hello my dear person who clicked on this article.
Today I'm gonna give each member of Twice a Loona solo that fits them.
Why? Because I saw no one doing this yet and I thought why not.

A quick disclaimer : This is just my opinion on who I think would fit each song the best.
The members obviously won't fit the song perfectly, since the solos were written and produced for the Loona members, not the Twice members.
And lastely, Loona has 3 more members than Twice has, so 3 songs won't be used.

This said, let's begin. Enjoy :)

Nayeon - Vivid

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I gave Nayeon Vivid by Heejin, because it's a fun and catchy song that I think would fit Nayeons personality very good.
Heejin is a powerful vocalist and the song has some high notes. Nayeon could show her great vocal abilities with this song.

Jeongyeon - Egoist

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Egoist is a very powerful song that I think matches Jeongyeons "vibe". It has a girlcrush concept, which we all know she would rock, and the song would be a great opportunity for her to show off her amazing vocals that are always slept on.
She would also get to sing some high notes again.

Momo - Love cherry motion

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Love Cherry Motion by Choerry is a very fun and upbeat song, and I think it would match Momo very well. The song has strong vocals, but not as many high notes, so Momo could absolutely sing the song. (Don't get me wrog, she's an amazing vocalist, but her vocal range doesn't go that far).
Love Cherry Motion also has these iconic beat drops, Momo could do a great choreography on them.

Sana - Kiss later

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Kiss later has a very cute concept, but still a very serious message.
The song fits Sanas personality and voice very good. And remember the scene at the beginning of the music video where three guys with paper face masks stand in front of the bed? Yeah, in the Sana version, that would be Jeongyeon, Jihyo and Tzuyu who dressed up as the love interest like in What is love.

Jihyo - Eclipse

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Eclipse has a very mature and sexy concept, so I think it is the right choice for Jihyo.
The song also has some very powerful vocals, so Jihyo would do the song justice without a doubt.

Mina - Everyday I love you

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Everyday I love you by Vivi is a very soft song, it feels like an OST.
Vivi has a similar voice to Mina, so I think her song would fit Mina very well. Mina always sings with a soft voice, so this song is the right choice for her.
I also think she would own the retro concept of the MV completely. Remember her scenes in What is love? I feel like they had a similar vibe to the MV.

Dahyun - Heart attack

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This song would give Dahyun a chance to prove to Thrice that she is a very good vocalist, and she would still get to rap.
The entire concept, the song and the MV of Heart attack are very upbeat and fun, and I think that fits Dahyuns personality perfect.

Chaeyoung - Singing in the rain

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Singing in the rain has strong and powerful vocals, a fierce rap and a badass concept, so I think it would fit Chaeyoung perfectly since her vocals are very underrated and she's a really good rapper.
I also think that this song would give Sixteen era Chaeyoung a comeback and I really love that idea.

Tzuyu - New

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I feel like New by Yves really matches Tzuyus personality and her concept.
It has great vocals that Tzuyu could really show that she is in fact a strong vocalist.
The choreography of the song is also very poweful, and that's good because Tzuyu is a part of the rapline and could absolutely kill that dance.

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