I have a box of songs (I write the names of the songs I like and put them in a box) and these are some of those songs that I randomly picked. I hope you find something that you like.

orange, aesthetic, and sunset image orange, city, and wall image
#Lana Del Rey- West Coast
blue, blue sky, and cloud image sky image
#Dayglow- Hot Rod
background, wallpaper, and beautiful image pink, rose gold, and silk image
#Lana Del Rey- Smarty
aesthetic, golden, and pastel image Image by Elly M.
#The Saxophones- If You're On The Water
waves, sea, and ocean image ocean, sea, and water image
#The Paper Kites- It's not like you
people, umbrella, and rain image aesthetic, dark, and black image
#Milo Greene- Autumn Tree
aesthetic, alternative, and architecture image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
#Lana Del Rey- Sad Girl