Hey!How are you? Hope everybody is doing good! So today I decided to try something new,I will create a character!

Full Name:

beautiful girl, beautiful, and crawford image makeup, beauty, and flowers image
Charlotte Frances Smith


sky, pink, and sunset image aesthetic, pink, and sky image
26% France, 40% USA, 20%Italy,14% Portugal

Favourite Colour:

fashion, girl, and pink image pink, ❤, and ًًًًًًًًًًًًً image girl, icon, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and outfit image

Favourite Flower:

aesthetic, green, and pink image flowers, nature, and pink image

Personality Traits

feelings, tumblr, and grunge image Image removed
She regrets her romantic feelings immediately
Temporarily removed quotes, pink, and clothes image
She is a feminist
girl, cute, and ari image ariana grande, arianagrande, and ariana image
Her idol is Ariana Grande
starbucks, pink, and flowers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
She loves Starbucks
Image by Yeonjunie_noona pink, aesthetic, and water image
When she grows up she wants to become a mermaid

Well that's it for today!Hope you liked it & I wish you an amazing day!!
See you soon

ps:Today marks 23 years that Oasis played in front of 250.000 people in Knebworth.