Hello babies!!! Today we have something different and I hope you like it. Enjoy...


plants image art, b&w, and black image
Stay hydrated, drink water while studying!


notes, college, and desk image creative, accessory, and algebra image
Study for 30-45 mins with 10 minute breaks!


motivation, book, and calendar image routine, study, and studying image
Try having a planner to organize all your subjects!


study, notes, and school image study, book, and school image
Study on a table, not your bed!


aesthetic, highlight, and highlighter image equal, hearts, and highlight image
Use highlighters for all your important points!


pink and pink photo image bubble gum, kawaii, and lollipop image
Chew the same flavor gum while studying and in the test to help you remember!


aesthetic, blue, and spread image blue, colour, and crayon image
Writing with a blue pen will help you memorize better!


Image removed quotes, phone, and life image
Put your phone in a different room so you don't get distracted!


chocolate, pink, and food image bea, gift, and love image
Eating chocolate will help you retain information better.


book, music, and headphones image carefree, picture, and carefreepicture image
If you are a music person try listening to your favorite songs or chose a relaxing & calm playlist to help you consentrate.

The end for now guys! See you next time,