In the future, I definitely want a tattoo. I have some ideas. Of course I don't want a sleeve of tattoos. I like the dainty, small ones.

My tattoo collection :

I picked my favourites so maybe some of you get inspiration too.


black, fine, and ideas image black, fashion, and girl image aries, tattoo, and zodiac image aesthetic, theme, and zodiac image
Love zodiac tattoos. Probably, gonna get one someday.


tattoo, all the love, and ink image Image by Aჳεթδαйðжαηка✓ breathe, tattoo, and Tattoos image tattoo, positive, and ink image
Also so delicate and personal.


tattoo and butterfly image tattoo, butterfly, and ink image Image by Alt er love tattoo, butterfly, and art image
Maybe kinda basic, but I love the look of it.


tattoo, rose, and flowers image boobs, detail, and rose image tattoo, flowers, and ink image tattoo, flowers, and moon image
Very feminine and cute. I think one of the most popular choices.


tattoo image star, tattoo, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image by ugh.melly
I think these one's are for a look, but still can hold a lot of meaning behind.


Image removed Image by WarmSoul tattoo and girl image quotes and tattoo image
Very inspiring and motivating.

~ DATE ~

tattoo, girl, and hair image beautiful, clavicle, and fashion image black&white, tattoo, and date image tattoo image
Another one with meaning and simplicity.

These are my favourite tattoos, and the ones I consider getting myself. Do you want a tattoo? If so which one?

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Love, Karina