The Dr Dabber Aurora vaporizer is perfect if you want to vaporize only extractions, discreet design and 3 different resistors.

- For Concentrates, Oils, Hash and Wax

- 3 Resistors : Quartz, Ceramics and Flat Ceramics

- Low temperature vaporization -> more flavor

- Unions of pieces magically

- Three vaporization temperatures

- Ceramic mouthpiece

- 1-year warranty

All cameras are coated with quartz inside with a maximum capacity of less than 0.5g, although it is not recommended to fill them more than 50% to avoid problems.

First of all, we have the camera with a double resistance of Quartz screwed with titanium wire.

Then we have the double ceramic resistance, which is a hybrid between 2 popular styles.

Because this vaporizer does not get too hot, the resistors do not absorb oils and remain white for a longer time.

Finally, we have the ceramic resistance in the form of a disk, which has no coils or rods. Using this resistance your extractions will only be in contact with ceramics and quartz.

The three resistors work differently and generate different results, it is a matter of testing.

To turn on the vaporizer you must click 5 times in a row on the single button of the vaporizer. Similarly to change between its 3 temperatures you must press the same button 3 times.

Because the vaporizer is the low temperature you can taste the extracts much more, which is positive if your extractions are of good quality. Also for the same reason above it is necessary that the inhaled belong, between 6 to 10 seconds to see steam.

Dr dabber Vaporizer Kit
- Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer (Aura)

- Flat Ceramic Resistance

- Double ceramic resistance with titanium

- Double quartz resistance with titanium

- Filling tool

- Silicone container

- 1 USB charger

For more info on dr dabber and dr dabber parts visit: https://www.vapehobby.com/collections/dr-dabber-parts