Hey y'all! I wanted to do a bucketlist for Fall of all the things I intend on doing, even if it means I do them myself. Last year I did absolutely nothing Fall-related whatsoever besides one Halloween party. I promise myself I will indeed make things happen. This year is easier because I have established friends already and a boyfriend that I can drag to do things. Hoping for the best!

Go apple picking

apples, autumn, and boots image

Drink hot cider

Temporarily removed

Try apple cider donuts

autumn, fall, and food image
In all my previous years being vegan, I've never had one before.

Carve a pumpkin

Halloween, pumpkin, and cat image
Every year I do the exact same face and it never gets old.

Go to a football game

autumn, cheer, and fall image
Last year I was invited to tailgate but always had to work. This year I will actually try and request time off to go.

Bake a pie

autumn, pie, and fall image
I don't care what kind, or if the crust is premade or not. I just want to bake a pie.

I think that's it.