For some of you school starts in a few days (I still have 1 month left), so I assume it's time for a GᒪOᗯ ᑌᑭ. I always search up those like exactly at the beginning of holidays and again at the end, but I never do any of these. Why? Maybe because I can't do it easily at home, so this is all stuff you can do at home (and some extra fₐₙcy stuff you can do, but can't do exactly at home). I will do it for a week, but oubvisly you can do it whenever you want.


On Mondays we are all lazy, that's why this is a very easy one. Just grab some nail polish and start. If you are in the mood even do the full programm with filing and that stuff (I'm super lazy, so varnishing counts as extra work).

fₐₙcy version: go to a nail salon


It's time for hair. Search up things like short hair hairstyles, festival hairstyles, heatless curls .... on youtube and chose one you will do on your first day. You should defenitely test them (if you actually can do it, if it looks good on you, ...) I really recommend Kalyey Melissa (Video below)

fₐₙcy: I love changes! So maybe a new haircolour or haircut could speak to you? Maybe something you wanted for a really long time, but always were afraid of? Something super simple like face framers or layers can also do a big diffrence!


Today we focus on our skin. Be honest, all summer you did nothing for it! So a mask, nose strips and a little make up pause (honestly, I wear at least some brow gel and mascara, even if nobody sees me all day long) can fix a lot. And CREAMING! My skin is usually really dry after summer, because of the chlorine in the water. Grab some super hydrating cremes for your face and body, if you have a sunburn use aftersun. For my tiger stripes I love using oil (just baby oil). It makes the skin super soft and the strpes barely noticebale.


If you're interested in make-up you can search up new techniques. Just watch some daily make up routines up and maybe you can find some better ways to do something or new stuff you want to try.

Outfits are the key for a good start in school for me. If my outfit is good I'm automatically in a better mood. I reacommend stealTheSpotlight and bestdressed:


It's time for the actual school stuff. It's time for the school bag. So chose one and pack it. If you're going to use a folder check if it fits in. I plan to use a folder the first time ever, that's because the system is really important for me this year. I pack in a emergency bag (really just pads and panty liners and tampons) and everything else in another bag, then my pencil case and notebooks (oubviously the folder too)


The last thing to do is now enjoying the last days. And to get that sleep, so you can get up early on monday.


Put out your outfit for tomorrow in the evening and you're good to go.