• Jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin
"I know I'm not your savior, I know I'm not your truth but I think we could be friends. He said "Come down to my level hang out with the Devil let me tell you in the end""
angel, Devil, and couple image cigarette, smoke, and heart image city, day, and grunge image friends, beach, and drink image
  • Older by Sasha Sloan
"Loving is hard it don't always work you just try your best not to get hurt. I used to be mad but now I know sometimes is better to let someone go"
Image by ioana quotes, text, and better image after, hessa, and hardin scott image beautiful, daisy, and hands image
  • Break My Heart Again by FINNEAS
"Kissed me half a decade later, that same perfume those same sad eyes"
chanel, luxury, and perfume image lips, red, and makeup image red, quotes, and grunge image boy, aesthetic, and grunge image
  • Sad Forever by LAUV
"I don't wanna be sad forever, I don't wanna go one more day, I just wanna wake up and realize everything's gonna be okay"
art, aesthetic, and flowers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pin, sad, and denim jacket image beautiful, eye, and eyes image
  • What A Time by Julia Michaels ft. Niall Horan
"I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark and we stayed up for hours, What a lie, what a lie, what a lie"
aesthetic, couple, and skate image sad, grunge, and tears image Image removed airy, angelic, and beverage image
  • Parents by Yungblud
"My high hopes are getting low but I know I'll never be alone. It's alright we'll survive 'cause parents ain't always right"
girl, aesthetic, and black image pills, heart, and drugs image tattoo image nails, aesthetic, and alternative image
  • Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid
"Champagne and rolled up notes, prenups and broken homes, surrounded but still alone"
desire, model, and party image quotes and white image friends, friendship, and grunge image Image by Jae Seu Min
  • Adrenaline by Simple Creatures
"I can feel your all the way from my coffin in LA when six feet my misery come on hit me with adrenaline"
night image alcohol image grunge, ghost, and indie image Temporarily removed
  • Nightmare by Halsey
"I could play nice or I could be a bully, I'm tired and angry but somebody should be"
halsey and nightmare image Temporarily removed grunge, girl, and makeup image quotes, power, and people image
  • Now You're Gone by Tom Walker ft. Zara Larsson
"Why did we let it get so far? Why did we end with broken hearts?"
Abusive image boy, sad, and smoke image sad, aesthetic, and breaking bad image wine, red, and aesthetic image