Hello, everyone! I'm taking this wonderful challenge so that you can get to know me better. It's super fun so let's just jump right into it!


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cherries, cherry, and desserts image yellow, happy, and light image lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image red, car, and vintage image
A colour of power and a colour of the sun.

Spirit animal

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Wolf is a symbol of freedom, wisdom and courage.


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Bright colours are innumerable in my wardrobe. However, sometimes I prefer to wear just a grey suit. It depends on my mood. I adore wearing unique clothes the most. For example, transparent coat or huge fluffy sweaters.


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I'm crazy about Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys and Queen.

TV shows

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These masterpieces are always in my heart. Stranger Things, Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother and The End of The F*cking World.


food, pizza, and cheese image banana, yellow, and fruit image Cookies and chocolate image flowers, tea, and aesthetic image
Pizza, brioches, bananas and tea will definitely make me feel like a million dollars.


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As you can see, I'm fond of writing. That's why I started posting articles here. Also I have an intention to practise for publishing a book someday. What's more, I'm keen on reading and learning languages. I've been learning English for 11 years and I know the basics of Spanish. My another hobby is psychology. I'd love an opportunity to

explore brain in the future as my career as well.


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I desperately want to go to New York and see tremendous buildings with myriad of lights. Also I desire to go to Los Angeles and preferably even live there :) Moreover, I'd like to go to Italy, for instance, to Rome, Venice or Verona. I'm in love with local landscapes and food. Paris is a dream city too.

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Thank you so much for reading! Let your dreams come true!