Hi! It's been a while since our last music article. So we are so happy to write a french rap playlist. Enjoy! xx

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purple, sky, and aesthetic image purple, aesthetic, and neon image purple, aesthetic, and glow image Image removed
Lomepal - Mômes
purple, ice, and pastel image lavender, lilac, and pastel purple image lilac, purple, and beach image lilac, lavender, and purple image
Roméo Elvis x Le Motel - J’ai vu ft. Angèle
aesthetic, dark, and train image aesthetic and dark image quotes, saying, and text image photography image
Damso - Ε. Signaler
red, velvet, and aesthetic image Image removed black, dark, and gerard way image black, aesthetic, and red image
Shay - Notif
neon image city, purple, and night image neon, фиолетовый, and purple image neon, red, and light image
Columbine - Adieu Bientôt
aesthetic, girl, and hands image famous, goals, and grunge image anarchy, photography, and protest image alcohol, drunk, and red image
PNL - Naha
beautiful, dark, and dust image neon, blue, and lights image Image by Elandiel art, blue, and van gogh image
Elle pleut - Nekfeu ft. Nemir


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