Here's a heartwarming talk about how to truly be alive, and truly mean it.

By any means, before we start, I myself am on an ongoing spiritual journey to my greater self and one of the main rules that I follow, which you will soon get a more depth of, is to never assume that your being will some day reach it's final form of evolvement. With that said, these advice are as much to me as they are to you.

With that said my dear readers, my fellow friends and lovers, here's my propositions for how to live accordingly to what moves around you.

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Now, if you’re reading this, you’re well known to be a functioning human being and therefore you might think to yourself, what do you mean? I'm breathing aren't I?

Yes indeed, however, there is much more to being alive than actually being alive. Let me explain. Do you sometimes feel like there’s a whole world out there, and you are emphatically missing out on the bits that you so yearn for? You can well be indulge in your studies, work, family and friends (etc. etc. etc.) but still feel like there’s so much you’re missing out on, because you simply don’t have the aptitude for it.

The decipher to this dilemma goes as follows, you do not limit yourself. But I’m living freely already, you say. Sit and ponder my friend, are you really? On so many occasions before have I limited myself to think that my abilities only go so long, telling myself that I cannot draw, so therefore I will not draw and I cannot for the life of me write a poem, so I won’t even try. Do you recognize yourself?

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Do not limit yourself. Meaning, you give yourself the legroom to do something, and be relatively less good at it than you had wished for. Because, here’s a little secret I have for you, eventually, in the short or long future (destiny decides), you will be good at it. And when that happens, you will thank your past self for expanding the horizon, for being truly and amazingly alive and taking a leap of faith on the things that you doubt yourself in. Because, being alive is profoundly about taking a bite of every cake that the world had to offer.


I have asthma, but I’m forever running, eventually my lungs will be made of gold (and this goes with the previous point). So there’s no finish line, scary huh? So where are we headed, which way do we go and where does it lead to?

Here’s a how to your dilemma, you imagine no final form of yourself. That way, you will always be moving forward, you will not stop to ponder wether you chose the right path and try to find your way back by retracing your steps. Don’t be afraid of where this road may lead because you can change any outcome of it by your decisions. If the path scares you, don’t go back but find a different one that crosses you.

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No final form you say? Yes. Because if there was a final form, there would be no future after that. There’s no ’Now I’m done, I am complete’ because you deserve more than to just sit and stare at a wall. You deserve to be forever in motion towards greatness. And my dear one, greatness is endless.

And there you have it my lovelies, a little something to start your journey on truly and enormously being alive.

By yours truly, carer.