When it comes to moving on, there’s no thing as knowing what your doing every step of the process. From personal experience, I came to some conclusions or at least things that helped me get through it.

Phase 1 - Denial
Okay, this isn’t the best thing to do when your trying to move on but some people at first, don’t want to allow themselves to feel the pain. Its fine to ignore the situation for a little amount of time to give your body time to process everything but you need to be aware that some day, you’ll have to front face the situation.

Phase 2 - Crisis
Please love, cry. Cry every moment you want and allow yourself to not be okay. Its so important to feel the pain in order to get through it. Read old texts and listen to songs that remind you of him. Write everything (DON´T SEND IT) you never got to say, word by word. If you want to be alone, be alone. Put ice under your eyes and put makeup on after a not sleeping all night long. Watch romantic movies and curse his name. You’re only human.

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- Whatever you do, please, don’t text/call him. It isn’t worth it.
- Don’t get mad at people that are just trying to help you (not everyone understands)

Phase 3 - Confusion
Not trying to encourage you to do bad things, but sometimes, you fall.
I drank bottles of wine and vodka (not the best thing to do but yeah), cried until my eyes hurt, even smoke (I hate smoking) but my body was so freaking desperate to numb the pain…

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I kissed other men, even went out with them trying to replace him (obviously, didn’t work).
Ate only instant soups, pizza, and chocolate for a week and spent all of my money.
And the next week, I didn’t eat at all.
So, don’t feel guilty; when you’re broken, you tried everything to glue yourself back.

Here’s a poem that I love sooo much that describes exactly what I’m trying to say.

Important: don’t let these things become an habit, don’t sacrifice your health.

Phase 4 - Acceptance
This might be the hardest part of all. This is the part when you realize its really over. Its okay to feel the pain, to feel hurt and hopeless but you need to see the things as they are, not as they used to or you want them to be. Look at pictures for the last time, read one more time every “I love you” that you sent. Listen to sad songs to let it all out, because its going to be the last time you cry for him.

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Recommended videos:


Recommended movies:
- How To Get Over A Breakup
- Crazy Stupid Love
- Someone Great

Phase 5 - Letting go
Its okay, you can do it. Erase the messages, the pictures and everything that reminds you of him. Put away the gifts, t-shirts and sweaters. Delete the songs that you used to sing together and remember; your doing this for yourself. You can decide how you feel only if you really want to feel that way. Get rid of the that little hope that hunts you every time and keep walking.
Get a bullet journal (https://www.pinterest.com/sofyfaya/bullet-journal/) and write your goals, inspirations and quotes. Write, draw, paint, dance, sing, buy a pet, start exercising, meditate or try a new sport. Read new books and listen to motivating podcasts (there’s like a lot: Heartbreak Podcast or The Bounce Back with Laura Yates).

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Talk to friends, explain that you need them. Try to sleep well again and start eating healthy (it helps you feel better). Buy new clothes, a new perfume. Get a haircut or a new har color (brown or pink), a piercing or even a tattoo. Take care of yourself.

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You have infinite things to do other than crying and thinking about things that are not in your life anymore.
Make this a chance to become a better person.

Phase 6 - Moving on
Realize your worth. You deserve better. What is meant to be, it will be. Accept the things you cannot change and don’t make it more painful that it already is.
You need to focus in your new future, not the past.
Appreciate the little things in your life and realize you don't need to be sad, because you still have other things/persons to be happy for.

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I still read poetry books like Pillow Thoughts II: healing the heart

I love listening to songs like “She Used to be Mine” by Sara Bareilles and to Little Mix´s empowerment songs.

Here’s my favorite ones:
1. Princess - Fletcher

2. Don’t Call Me Up (Acoustic) - Mabel

3. Joan of Arc - Little Mix

4. Lonely Call - RaeLynn

5. Dime - Rachel Crow

6. Worth It - Danielle Bradbery

7. Just a Name - Meghan & Liz

1. Casi Nada - Karol G

2. Díganle - Leslie Grace

3. Nadie - Farruko

4. Ya No Me Duele Más - Silvestre Dangond

5. 22 - TINI, Greeicy


Sorry for grammar mistakes, english is not my first language